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    Bluetooth 4.1 Mini Jack 3.5mm Handsfree Adapter

    Code: BHA1
    Price: 20.00 EUR

    Adapter-receiver for wireless connection of smartphones, tablets, computers with car audio systems, home stereo systems, wired headphones for playing music.

    The device has a built-in microphone for use as Handsfree. The case has a built-in battery.

    Also, the device can be used as a receiver for wired headphones, while the phone or tablet can be located several meters away. For easy attachment to clothing, there is a clip on the body of the device.

    Compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android.

    Connecting in the car:
    When the device is turned on, it connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. The device is inserted into the car's Mini Jack 3.5mm connector. In the car, the function of playing music through an external device from a 3.5mm jack is activated. Music playback is controlled using buttons on the device, or from the screen of a phone or tablet.

    When making an incoming/outgoing call, the device uses the built-in microphone if it is given permission to do so in the phone or tablet menu.

    Bluetooth version: 4.1
    Range: up to 10 m
    Power supply: 5 V
    Charging time: about 30 minutes
    Operating time: about 4 hours
    Size: 1.4x1.5x5.8 cm
    Connectors: Mini Jack 3.5mm and Micro USB for charging

    - Bluetooth 4.1 adapter
    - Mini Jack 3.5mm adapter - Mini Jack 3.5mm
    - USB charging cable - Micro USB

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