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    Universal professional diagnostic scanner with Carly coding function

    Code: OBDPRO
    Price: 150.00 EUR
    Not available

    When using a professional wireless scanner Carly and the program (paid version, not included in the price), you can read errors for most main units: engine, automatic transmission, climate control, multimedia system, ABS braking system, DSC car stabilization system , Airbag and so on. In addition to diagnostics - reading and erasing errors, the program has the ability to find out what functions are available for coding a specific connected car and what parameters are currently set. All available parameters can be changed.

    The program supports the following brands: BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Toyota, Lexus, Renault, Porsche, depending on the brand, from 1996-2001 to 2024.

    Advantages of using this scanner with a special program:
    - This tool can be used by anyone, without the need for training or mandatory experience in diagnostics and coding. It is impossible to harm the machine here, since the program provides a complete description of a particular function that can be changed. In addition, before each encoding, a backup of the data is made and at any time you can return to the original parameters.
    - Diagnostics are carried out on all electronic units of the car, and errors are displayed not only in the form of codes, but also with decoding
    - There is no need for complex and confusing installation of specialized software on a computer, or searching for equipment to connect to a car, when, for example, on the BMW brand, depending on the year of manufacture, various OPPS, GT1, ICOM, ENET, DCAN, K+DCAN devices are needed.And still, even after completing the complex setup, a long and tedious study of the encoding parameters is necessary, after which a large number of clearly defined, sequential steps must be performed. If you make a mistake somewhere, you can “lose” one or another electronic unit, after which you will need to replace it or turn to professionals for “lifting”, who, in turn, “really love” would-be coders and “give a lesson” at a high cost repair.


    In addition, the program makes it possible to view data on the actual mileage, the total number of trips since the vehicle began operating, and whether the VIN code data matches the 3 main electronic units. You can see your mileage for the current year. Since the mileage is not written to the various blocks instantly, you can see the difference between the minimum recorded value and the maximum, and if the difference is very large, or the maximum mileage is significantly higher than that displayed on the dashboard, you can make an unambiguous conclusion about a twisted counter.

    Also, based on service data: the number of interval resets, the residual life in percentage of technical fluids, pads, spark plugs, filters, one can draw conclusions about the correspondence of the declared mileage to the actual condition and the general attitude of the previous owner towards the car.

    Coding and recording new parameters in the program is possible only in the paid version, as well as if you use a special wireless adapter.

    The wireless scanner connects via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS device. This scanner does not work with any universal program except its own. It is not visible as a device during a normal connection via Bluetooth, except within its program.

    The cost of a universal (for all of the above brands) wireless diagnostic adapter for full coding is 150 EUR (without software).

    Country of production - Germany. Product code OBDPRO.

    Diagnostics - reading and erasing errors.

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-2

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-3

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-4

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-5

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-6

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-16

    Detailed information about service, remaining life of consumables and reset.



    Reading mileage data.

    ELM327 carly chtenie originalņogo probega-2

    ELM327 carly chtenie originalņogo probega-3

    ELM327 carly chtenie originalņogo probega-4

    ELM327 carly chtenie originalņogo probega-5

    ELM327 carly chtenie originalņogo probega

    Coding individual vehicle parameters using the BMW brand as an example.


    - reset service intervals
    - wiper operation parameters
    - disabling the headlight washers
    - remove video blocking when moving
    - response parameters for opening/closing of the machine
    - disabling the start/stop function
    - disabling the seat belt alarm
    - registration of the battery after replacement, reading the data of the previous battery, at what mileage it was installed
    - forced activation of diesel particulate filter regeneration and status viewing (DPF)
    - forced activation of catalyst regeneration and viewing status (NOX)
    - manual check of the status of automatic transmission adaptations
    - number of blinks of the turn signal when lightly touching the switch: one, three, five times
    - disabling the warning of burnt out lamps (each separately) after installing LED
    - activation of blinking with high-range bi-xenon and halogen (by default, only halogen lights up)
    - turning on/off the fog lights when blinking and turning on the high beams
    and so on.


    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw akkumuljator battery

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw akkumuljator

    ELM327 carly coding bmw battery new

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw sazhevij filtr dpf

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw katalizator regeneracija nox

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw korobka avtomat ruchnoj test

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-2

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-4

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-5

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-6

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-7

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-8

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-9

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-11

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-12

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-13

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-14

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-15

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-16

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-17

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-18

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-19

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-20

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-21

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-22

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-23

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-24

    ELM327 carly kodirovanie bmw-26

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-7

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-8

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-9

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-10

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-11

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-12

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-13

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-14

    ELM327 diagnostic bmw carly-15

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