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    HW-300S Paint Thickness Gauge

    Code: HW300S
    Price: 40.00 EUR

    Paint meter for metal or aluminum car surfaces. Allows you to carry out a professional inspection to assess the external condition of the body and identify non-factory paint and hidden repair work, both after major accidents and minor repairs after minor accidents. The information obtained makes it possible to assess the condition of body parts in more detail, for example, before purchasing a car.

    Statement of the fact of repair work allows us to give reason to reduce the cost of purchasing a car, or the feasibility of purchasing it.

    To obtain the most accurate data, the device must be held strictly perpendicular to the surface during measurements.

    The device automatically detects the material under the paintwork - metal, aluminum or copper.

    The device takes measurements in millimeters, microns or mils. Switching the measurement values ​​is switched with a button. There is a built-in display backlight.

    Includes calibration plates. The device does not include batteries.

    Vertical display of readings.

    Device size: 110x52x25 mm

    Resolution: 0.01 mm/1 mil

    Measurement range: 0-2000UM

    Measurement accuracy: ±(3%+1UM)

    Power source: 2 AAA 1.5 V batteries

    Operating temperature: -10 + 50 degrees Celsius

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