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    BMW D-Can cable for diagnostics, coding and programming of BMW E-series

    Code: OBDBMD.A
    Price: 50.00 EUR
    BMW E-Series equipment:

    The professional wired adapter is designed to connect a phone, tablet or computer via a standard factory OBD diagnostic connector to BMW E-series cars from 1994 (for cars of 94-98 years of manufacture an additional adapter is required, not included in the price), as well as Same as MINI cars. More details: E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E65, E60, E63, E83, E84, E85, E87, E90, E70, E71, E89, MINI R56, R60.

    Connection type USB Type-A (large computer USB), USB Type-C or Micro USB to choose from.

    The housing has a 7 and 8 PIN open/close switch for use with vehicles up to or after 2007.

    We do not install software. A short consultation is possible.

    With Type-A connection type. Product code OBDBMD.A.

    With Type-C connection type. Product code OBDBMD.C.

    With Micro USB connection type. Product code OBDBMD.M.

    Additionally, the cost of the adapter for BMW E36, E39, E53, Z3 with a round connector (OBD2 from 20 PIN to 16 PIN) is 14 EUR. Product code OBDBM20.16

    Adapter capabilities when connected to a mobile phone or tablet running the Android operating system and using paid software (not included in the price).

    The main advantage in this case is that there is no need for a lengthy installation of a lot of different software, databases, and then the subsequent long and painful setup of the adapter to connect to a computer. After that, you will need to read dozens of pages of technical documentation and forums on the Internet. Here, only one application is installed and an adapter is connected, which does not require settings. Coding is carried out with a clear interface in Russian or English with an extended explanation of actions.

    Full diagnostics for all available vehicle units with fault codes and a brief explanation of them. Error reading is carried out to the depth of the capabilities of dealer equipment (using the example of a BMW 1-Series 2005).



    Coding of factory parameters and settings available for a specific vehicle in numerous blocks. For example, automatically turning on the low beam, turning off the headlight washers, the number of sweeps of the wipers after washing the glass, closing the central locking when driving, and so on (using the example of the 2005 BMW 1-Series).

    Immediately before each encoding of a specific block, the program saves all previous data (Backup) and, if necessary, you can always return the previous settings, or any other previously saved ones. Backups are saved with a date and time stamp.



    Reading data on mileage and compliance with 3 main blocks of the car's VIN code.



    A simpler program only for diagnostics from a mobile phone.

    The B-Tool program works with BMW E-series cars by connecting the wired adapter mentioned above, or using the wireless adapter that we also offer. When using a cable connection, data is read at a much higher speed.

    - The program allows you to perform diagnostics on all available blocks and erase errors. The greatest functionality is available for cars after 2007.
    - The program allows you to read the pollution parameters of the DPF particulate filter for diesel engines or the NOX catalyst for gasoline cars. In addition, the program can forcefully start burning the particulate matter. - Reading of current parameters is available online - Resetting transfer case adaptations for cars with X-Drive
    - Resetting automatic transmission adaptations
    - Resetting a short circuit in the FRM light unit
    - In case desynchronization in the program, it is possible to synchronize the CAS/DME/DDE blocks with each other.
    - It is possible to read the injection values ​​for each injector, on the basis of which a preliminary conclusion can be made about their condition.- In the program you can get detailed information about the condition of the battery: the degree of charge in percent and the SOH indicator - the degree of “health” of the battery, taking into account a large number of parameters based on a long operating time. A value of 100% corresponds to a new battery. If the value goes negative, replacement is required.
    - The program allows you to measure the acceleration of the car




    Adapter capabilities when connected to a computer or tablet running the Windows operating system and using the appropriate software Rheingold, ISTA+, ISTA D, ISTA P, INPA, WinKFP, Tool32, NCS Expert (not included in the price).< /strong>

    - complete diagnostics for all available vehicle units with fault codes and a brief explanation of them. Error reading is carried out to the depth of the capabilities of dealer equipment.

    - coding of factory parameters and settings available for a particular vehicle in numerous blocks.

    - programming: updating the software of all available blocks. Resetting critical error counters, for example in the LCM/FRM light unit after a series of short circuits. In such cases, the dealer replaces the unit with a new one, since the old one cannot be restored according to technical regulations. Changing the VIN code to your own in case of replacing a used unit from another car and its subsequent binding (adaptation, specifying your configuration). Removing video blocking when moving.

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