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    BMW ENET cable for diagnostics, coding and programming of F, G and I series

    Code: OBDBMEN
    Price: 30.00 EUR
    Equipment for BMW F and G-series:

    ENET (Ethernet OBD) cable for diagnostics, coding of factory options, programming (software updates), adaptation of electronic units, reading a huge number of parameters in real time for BMW F, G and I series cars using professional dealer programs E-SYS, ISTA-D/P, Rheingold, installed on computers running Windows OS. The software is not included and we do not do installation.

    Using a cable to connect via a mobile phone for Android and iOS (Apple)

    Using a cable in various versions (described below), diagnostics and coding are available from a mobile phone through the Bimmercode and Bimmerlink programs (paid versions are installed from the Play Market or App Store). The cable allows you to connect and read data from the car much faster than using various types of wireless adapters. Also, in some cases, wireless adapters cannot perform some encoding operations.

    With the Bimmerlink program, diagnostics of all vehicle units and a brief explanation of error codes are available. Errors are read down to the dealer equipment level. After reading, errors can be erased.

    Using the Bimmercode program, factory parameters are encoded. For example, turning off the headlight washers, the number of sweeps of the wipers, disabling video blocking while driving (Video In Motion), activating all types of codecs for watching videos, central locking while driving, automatic low beam, brightness of DRL lights, etc.</p >

    The main advantage of using programs on your phone is that there is no need for lengthy installation of many different programs, databases, and then their long and painful setup. But even after this, you will still have to read dozens of pages of technical documentation and forums on the Internet to understand how it all works. The method we recommend uses only two programs on your phone and an adapter, which requires only minor initial settings. Coding is carried out using a clear interface in English with an extended explanation of operations.

    More details about diagnostic and coding capabilities through the Bimmercode and Bimmerlink programs are described below.

    The cost of an ENET cable with an RJ45 (LAN) connector is 30 EUR. Product code OBDBMEN.

    The cost of an ENET cable with a USB Type-A connector (large computer USB, for laptops that do not include a LAN card) is 40 EUR. Product code OBDBMEN.A.

    bmw-enet-ethernet-usb-type-a-obd -diagnostika-kabel

    The cost of ENET cable with a connector to choose from: USB Type-C or Micro USB - 45 EUR. For diagnostics and coding from a mobile phone or tablet running Android, iOS using the programs (screenshots below) Bimmercode and Bimmerlink (paid versions are installed from the Google Play Market or App Store).

    With connection type USB Type-C. Product code OBDBMEN.C.

    With Micro USB connection type. Product code OBDBMEN.M.

    bmw-enet-ethernet-usb-type -c-obd-diagnostika-kabel-bimmercode-bimmerlink

    If the IP address settings on an Android device are not detected automatically, they must be entered manually (data in the screenshot). After connecting the cable, Ethernet connection settings will be available in the menu.

    The cost of an ENET cable with a Lightning connector is 50 EUR. Product code OBDBMEN.L. For diagnostics and coding from a mobile phone or Apple tablet running iOS when using (screenshots are presented below) the Bimmercode and Bimmerlink programs (paid versions are installed from the App Store). To get started, you need to switch your phone to Airplane mode (sometimes you need to disable other types of Bluetooth and WiFi connections). Otherwise, a connection error will be displayed, since the phone does not see the active Internet connection via cable and turns it off. In the settings of the Bimmercode and Bimmerlink programs, you must select the connection type MHD ENET Black.


    The Bimmercode program allows you to code numerous units of BMW E, F, G and I series vehicles. (For BMW E-series you need D-Can cable). Coding - setting personalized values ​​for certain factory options to suit your needs. It is possible to change only those values ​​that are provided from the factory. The program will not allow any changes that could lead to critically negative consequences. Also, when coding, Expert Mode is available for more advanced users.

    A detailed explanation of the coding of factory parameters in the Bimmercode program is located follow this link.

    The richer the vehicle's equipment, the greater the number of blocks will be available for coding. Also, the same blocks in the poor and rich configurations will have a different number of options for coding.
    Below, using the example of the BMW X3 F25, the work in the Bimmercode program is shown.

    - It is possible to read vehicle identification data: VIN code, release date, paint code, level of data integration (date of the last software update) and complete information on the configuration.
    - Disable/enable the reminder of unfastened seat belts, reminder duration
    - Options for remembering climate control operating modes. It is possible to disable the forced activation of the air conditioner by pressing the AUTO button (in winter this is not necessary).
    - Adjustment of the time and speed of activation and deactivation of the rear view camera
    - Deactivation of the Start/Stop function when starting the car, after coding the function will disabled by default
    - Change the ringtone for an incoming call

    - Activating the sports transmission
    - Adjusting the brightness of the daytime running light rings
    - Setting the operation of the brake lights during simple braking and emergency braking
    - Activating the high beam assistant manually or automatically with the low beam headlights
    - Turning off the fog lights when blinking or turning on the high beams (strobe)
    - Activating or deactivating the lowering of the passenger mirror down when engaging reverse gear when parking, in order to see the approach of the rear right wheel to the curb

    - Disabling error messages about burnt-out lamps after installing LED lamps.
    - Activating the welcome light - Welcome Lights when opening and closing the machine. You can also program a slow dimming of the lamps when closing and a slow switching on when opening.
    - Activation/deactivation of monitoring of tire pressure and temperature if radio sensors are installed on the rims. If there are no sensors, monitoring is carried out through the ABS/DSC system and a tire puncture message is shown only when the pressure level reaches critical low values ​​- the wheel is almost empty.

    - Configuring the display of information. By default, the current speed, route guidance scheme is displayed if the navigation goal is activated, and the cruise control icon is displayed when it is active. Additionally, using encoding, you can display: direction indicators, music playlist and radio stations, phone book, call list, information about voice commands, which are displayed only when the corresponding buttons on the steering wheel are pressed, and after not being used they go out after a couple of seconds.

    - Turning the headlight washers on or off
    - Maximum number of headlight washes in one trip
    - Duration of injection of headlight washer nozzles, number of cycles
    - Number of front wiper strokes after washing the glass
    - Adjusting the sensitivity of the rain sensor if the manual adjustment values ​​on the lever are not enough
    - Setting the maximum temperature values ​​for heated seats in steps





    The Bimmerlink program is designed to read and erase errors on all available units of BMW E, F and G series vehicles.

    Additionally available functions:

    - Reading data on the DPF diesel particulate filter when the last regeneration was carried out - time and mileage.
    - Forced start of diesel particulate filter regeneration without waiting for the process to start automatically
    - Setting the brake pads to service mode when replacing

    - Reading data about the battery: percentage charge, capacity, mileage at which the last and penultimate replacement was made. If the replacement was carried out without a new battery being prescribed, the mileage will not be indicated. After replacement, the new battery must be registered, even if it has the same capacity as the old one. The system of modern cars with an intelligent IBS charging sensor and an energy regeneration system during braking is very critical to detail and takes into account the natural wear and tear of the battery. It even takes into account whether the original battery is installed, or not the original one, of two different types AGM or classic acid. So, for example, an original battery lasts 7-8 years and up to 65,000 hours of charging, a non-original AGM battery lasts up to 5 years and 30,000 hours.


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