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    Brake fluid tester

    Code: BST01
    Price: 14.00 EUR

    Professional electronic brake fluid quality tester.

    The contacts of the tester are placed in the brake fluid of the car's reservoir, after which the amount of water content is indicated using indicators.

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means that it intensively absorbs water from the atmosphere. On average, over 2 years of vehicle operation, from 2 to 5% of water accumulates in the system. When braking, a large amount of heat is released and transferred to the fluid. The presence of water in the brake fluid leads to a decrease in its boiling point and, as a result, the formation of steam in the system. And as you know, steam is compressed under pressure, unlike pure brake fluid, which leads to “sluggishness” of the pedal, the braking force becomes uneven, and it is more difficult to dose.

    The second serious problem with the presence of moisture in the brake fluid is that caliper parts made of metal begin to rust and the pistons become sour. Often, a situation arises when car owners contact the service center with the problem of one of the calipers jamming and the smell of smoke. The service restores the operation of the piston, but after a while the problem appears again on the same caliper or another. This is a consequence of intense corrosion due to the presence of moisture in the brake system.

    After using the tester, you need to wipe the contacts dry. If brake fluid gets onto the plastic housing above the contacts, its lower part must be washed with water. It is not allowed to store the device with brake fluid residue on the surface to avoid damage to the plastic, as this is an extremely aggressive environment. Also, if brake fluid gets on the paintwork, the area must be immediately washed with water.

    Powered by 1 AAA battery (not included).

    The cost of the tester is 14 EUR. Product code BST01.

    The video shows the operation of the brake fluid quality tester.

    First test, new brake fluid. Subsequent tests are carried out with a gradual increase in water content.

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