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    Automotive diagnostic scanner (Bluetooth or WiFi) ELM327

    Code: OBDBLT
    Price: 40.00 EUR

    The universal scanner is designed for self-diagnosis of cars manufactured after 1996. The scanner is plugged into the car's standard OBD2 diagnostic connector and then connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0 or WiFi to a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Then, through the application, the car is diagnosed, errors are reset and current parameters are read, such as speed, engine speed, acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h and much more. Parameters can be read directly while driving and recorded for later analysis.

    The functionality of the scanner depends on the model, brand, year of manufacture of the vehicle and the diagnostic program used. The scanner comes complete with several free programs (data are indicated on the back of the package) with which you can perform diagnostics on the engine and ABS system.

    We also recommend the Car Scanner and Carista programs with much greater functionality, which the owner of a smartphone or tablet can install independently through his account from the App Store or Google Play application stores.


    Main advantages of use:

    - the scanner pays for itself immediately after purchase, since its cost is comparable to one visit to a car service;
    - there is no need to wait in line to make an appointment at a car service. If a malfunction occurs, the scanner is immediately available;
    - the scanner is universal and works with the vast majority of cars starting from 1996. This means that when changing a car there will be no need to purchase a new scanner.
    - the scanner will be extremely useful when buying a car, since not all problems are signaled on the dashboard or on-board computer screen, but only critical ones. Identified diagnostic errors may indicate, among other things, serious defects in the engine, or future consequences that the seller is hiding. Besides the fact that not every car seller wants to waste time on a trip to a service center for diagnostics, for the buyer, each such visit to a specialist can cost a lot of money.

    Basic and hidden features of the scanner

    Connecting the scanner to the car

    Diagnostic adapter cost.

    - with wireless connection via Bluetooth 3.0 (Hardware version 1.5) for all Android phones and tablets and Windows computers - 40 EUR. Product code OBDBLT.

    - with wireless connection via WiFi (Hardware version 1.5) for most Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) on iOS, all phones, tablets on Android OS and computers on Windows - 43 EUR. Product code OBDWIFI.




    Why is it worth buying a scanner from us?

    Not all scanners are the same, even if they look identical, and the price differs significantly. Firstly, when ordering abroad, the scanner received may not work with a specific machine, and this will be your problem, not the seller’s (we are not talking about a damaged, defective scanner). Secondly, cheaper scanners can work with a small number of machines, or are limited in functionality - they do not read all parameters and blocks. That is, the scanner can work with your car, but if there is a need to connect to a friend’s car, it will not work. In a word, it will be a lottery.

    Also, scanners with Bluetooth versions 1.0 or 2.0 may not be compatible with modern Android devices and are conditionally universal.

    Another “inconvenience” that a low-quality scanner can cause is periodic interruption of communication with the phone, and this will be very annoying.

    In addition, cheap scanners may have poor-quality soldering of parts on the printed circuit board, as well as contacts of the standard OBD2 connector of extremely poor quality, which become bent or broken during operation.

    And one more feature of cheap scanners is that they can reset errors only on the dashboard, while fault records will remain in the memory of the engine control unit and are subsequently read by professional diagnostics.

    The scanner we offer is based on the PIC18F25K80 chip. Cheaper scanners have different variations of this chip (attempts to copy it), which significantly limits them both in the functionality of reading errors and in the variety of connected cars.

    With most scanners made in such cases, something will definitely be wrong.

    Plohie skanneri ELM327 OBD2

    Causes of errors.

    Often the occurrence of errors is associated not only with a malfunction. They can also occur due to a simple loss of power from the battery, “lighting up” another car, and so on. Annoying Check Engine icons appear on the dashboard. Resetting errors yourself saves a lot of time compared to visiting a service center. In addition, if malfunctions occur, you can determine for yourself what approximate scale of costs to prepare for when contacting a car service center. Also, diagnostics, for example, may indicate replacement of an easily accessible sensor, which will be easy to do yourself.


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