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    3.9 mm bending endoscope

    Price: 520.00 EUR

    Bending endoscope with a head with a diameter of 3.9 mm for diagnosing the condition of units. The movement of the camera head is controlled from the handle-holder by turning the wheel. A mobile phone, both running Android and iOS (iPhone), is installed on the handle-holder, connected with the cable included in the kit, and then an image is displayed on it. Phone or monitor not included. The handle holder has a battery that supports the device for 4-5 hours.

    The curved, illuminated camera head allows for detailed inspection of inaccessible areas without disassembling components, such as combustion chambers, valves, intake and exhaust ports, turbine impellers, particulate filters and attachments.

    The free camera control program has the ability to take screenshots and record videos for subsequent evaluation and provision of data to the car service client.

    Technical data:

    - Focal length 3-8 cm. At a greater distance, objects of inspection will also be visible, but not clearly. The camera does not record sound. High contrast and realistic color rendering allow you to see a clear image of hidden objects.
    - Camera head diameter at the end of the probe is 3.9 mm
    - Camera image resolution HD 1280x720 pixels
    - Matrix resolution 2 megapixels
    - Viewing angle 80°
    - Head rotation is 180°
    - The backlight at the end of the probe consists of 6 LEDs
    - Probe length is 1 meter
    - The camera is not protected from moisture
    - Operating temperature from -10 to +85°. At higher temperatures, the camera may fail.
    - Lithium battery with a capacity of 1800 mA
    - Battery operating time is up to 3-4 hours, depending on the selected camera backlight brightness.For longer use of the camera, you need to connect an additional power source - a power bank or network adapter.
    - The universal mount on the handle allows you to mount phones with screen sizes from 4 to 6.5 inches. Tablets and computers may be in close proximity to the camera.

    For charging, it is prohibited to use fast chargers from modern phones and tablets that exceed the parameters 5V and 1.5A in order to avoid damage to the camera. Acceptable parameters are usually found in the USB outputs of computers, televisions or chargers of old phones.


    - handle with a phone holder and a built-in battery
    - probe with a 1 meter long camera
    - storage box
    - USB Type-C cable - USB for charging the device
    - instructions.

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