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    Infrared non-contact thermometer

    Code: INBT
    Price: 34.00 EUR

    The infrared non-contact thermometer allows you to obtain instant data on surface temperature at a distance of 10 to 100 centimeters.

    Can be used:

    - in a car service to obtain data on the operation of the cooling system thermostat. Measurements are taken on the pipes before and after the thermostat, after which you can understand whether the thermostat is performing its functions or whether it needs to be replaced

    - in a car service to obtain data on the operation of the air conditioning system and its effectiveness. If efficiency is low, the system needs to be recharged, or a subsequent search for the location of the refrigerant leak is required.

    - in a car service to measure the temperature of the exhaust system to enable dismantling of parts without causing burns.

    - for measuring the efficiency of thermal insulation of various lines of heating or air conditioning systems

    Product code: INBT

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