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    OP-COM cable for diagnostics and coding Opel

    Code: OBDOPC.A
    Price: 45.00 EUR
    Opel diagnostics:

    Diagnostic cable with USB Type-A connection interface (large computer USB). After installing the appropriate software (we do not do the installation) on a computer running Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and connecting to the car, complete diagnostics will be available to the depth of dealer equipment with a detailed explanation of fault codes in Russian* or English.</p >

    *until 2010.

    Also, with the help of this adapter and program, it is possible to encode the car, for example, after retrofitting with fog lights, parking sensors, xenon headlights, cruise control, registering a new ignition key, or deleting the data of a lost key, and so on.< /p>

    The cable supports all Opel car models from 1987 to 2021:

    Agila, Antara, Astra F, Astra G, Astra H, Astra J, Calibra, Campo, Captiva, Captiva MAXX, Combo C, Corsa B, Corsa C, Corsa D, Frontera, Frontera-B, Insignia, Meriva, Monterey, Movano, Omega B, Sintra, Speedster, VX220, Tigra, Tigra B, Vectra B, Vectra C, Signum, Vivaro, Zafira, Zafira-B and others.

    Cable version 1.45/1.70 for diagnosing cars manufactured in 1987 - 2012. Works with OP-COM 2012 and earlier versions. Product code OBDOPC.A.

    Cable version 1.67/1.99 for diagnosing cars manufactured in 1987 - 2016. It can also work with the OP-COM 2016 Professional program and the database for diagnosing cars up to 2016 or earlier versions. Product code OBDOPC.B.

    Cable version 1.95 for diagnosing cars from 1987 to 2021. Can also work with the OP-COM 200603a program. Product code OBDOPC.C. The cable supports multiple flashing to any version (Firmware 1.33 - 1.95). Re-flashing may be required in some cases when a specific car or part of its blocks cannot be read.

    1.XX - the version displayed in the program, depending on the batch.

    We do not install software. A short consultation is possible

    By link for an example of replacing an electronic unit removed from another car.

    Using the OP-COM program as an example

    The process of installing the Opel OP-COM program on a Windows computer



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