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    VAG CAN PRO diagnostic cable for Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat cars

    Code: OBDVGP
    Price: 50.00 EUR

    Diagnostic cable with USB Type-A connection interface (large computer USB). After installing the appropriate software (we do not do the installation) on a computer running Windows OS and connecting to the car, full diagnostics will be available to the depth of dealer equipment with a detailed explanation of fault codes in Russian or English.

    The adapter works on cars with a CAN bus, usually cars after 2004. A more detailed list of supported cars is below.
    For cars produced before 2004, you must use a cable KKL VAG COM 409.1.

    In addition, this adapter supports the programming function - updating the software of electronic units using the VAG CAN PRO program.

    Vag Can Professional is an analogue of the Vcds Hex and VASYA diagnostic cables, but with greater functionality and a more pleasant interface, since it was developed much later than the above cables.

    We do not install software. A short consultation is possible.

    Product code OBDVGP.

    List of cars with which the adapter is compatible:

    A2 after 2009
    A3 after 2003
    A4 after 2005
    A5 after 2007
    A6 after 2004
    A8 after 2003
    Q3 after 2010
    Q5 after 2008
    Q7 after 2006
    TT after 2007

    Caddy after 2005
    Golf 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Golf Plus
    Jetta 2
    Transporter / Multivan
    Passat B6 after 2005
    Passat CC
    Phaeton after 2007
    Polo after 2009
    Scirocco 3
    Touareg after 2007

    Octavia after 2004
    Superb 2 after 2008
    Fabia after 2007
    Yeti after 2009

    Leon after 2005
    Toledo after 2004
    Exeo after 2008

    Supported service procedures:

    Reset inspection service
    Activating cruise control functions
    Deactivating the passenger airbag
    Opening and closing the electronic parking brake
    DPF filter regeneration (1.4,1.9,2.0,2.5 TDI PD)
    DPF filter regeneration (3.0 TDI)
    Throttle adaptation of engines with Drive-By-Wire
    Coding of injectors 2.7/3.0 TDI Common Rail
    Changing units of measurement in the instrument cluster
    Changing the language in the instrument cluster
    Activating Bluetooth in Audi Q7/A6 modification 4F
    Basic settings of the xenon control unit
    G85 Sensor Calibration
    Removing and programming remote controls
    Activation and deactivation of Scandinavian light (constant headlights)
    Webasto technology test (PQ35 - Caddy / Touran / Golf / Tiguan / Passat)
    Hydraulic brake filling mode (MK60/70 - Golf V / Passat / Altea / Leon)
    Turning on the fuel pump (to remove air)
    Activation/deactivation of automatic door lock
    Coding of xenon and bi-xenon headlights
    Activating/deactivating the seat belt indicator
    T3 DPF Sensor Calibration
    Enabling/disabling system test for ABS/ESP systems
    Coding tire pressure sensors (Passat B6/ Passat CC/ Jetta)
    Battery coding
    Key coding for IMMO IV (PQ35 / 46)
    Unlocking the Webasto autonomous heater
    Deactivating the control sweep function of the front window wipers
    Calibrating the ESP G200 lateral acceleration sensor
    Calibration of ESP G201 pressure sensor
    Adjusting Nokia microphone sensitivity
    Calibration of longitudinal acceleration sensor ESP G251
    Installation of brake pads – Audi A8
    Activating the comfortable automatic window opening
    Activating automatic side mirror rotation when driving backwards
    Activation of Coming-Home / Leaving home functions
    Adaptation of the control unit after replacing the DPF on 2.0/2.7/3.0 TDi / VW Crafter engines
    Checking the DPF filter on 2.0 TDi / 2.7-3.0 TDi engines
    Activation of the graphical parking assistant function for the Audi A6/Q7
    ESP coding depending on steering wheel position LHD/RHD
    Checking the injectors of 3.0/2.7 TDI engines
    Unlocking the Eject button in the DVD drive of the MMI system
    Coding the MMI device list
    Activation / deactivation of the pressure monitoring system on the Audi A6 modification 4F
    Checking the fuel pump 1.9 / 2.0 TDI
    ABS/ESP conversion for USA/EU markets
    Adaptation of the new engine control unit for IMMO3 systems
    Regeneration of DPF filter VW Crafter, for engines CExx, BJx
    Calibration of ESP sensors G200, G202, G251 in cars from 06.2007 onwards
    Adaptation of turbochargers on 2.7/3.0TDi engines
    Setting the service interval
    Speed ​​measurement
    Recoding door electronics for vehicles with LHD/RHD
    Adaptation of the ESP control unit for the DSG of the Audi A3 8P MJ2006
    Activation / deactivation of the hidden MMI service menu
    Throttle valve adaptation for 3.0/2.7 TDi engines
    Reading mileage from EDC15 engine control units
    Checking the G70 mass air flow sensor in TDI engines
    DPF filter regeneration in BLE engines - Touareg 5.0 TDI
    Adjusting the brightness of running lights Audi A6 2009
    Adjusting engine idle speed on gasoline and diesel engines
    Unlocking TV viewing in MMI 2G / 3G systems
    Loading data from a ZDC container
    Functional test of the electronic parking brake
    Activating the service menu in RNS510
    Activation of running lights with fog lights
    Conversion of units of measurement for Audi A6/Q7 MY2009
    Converting Audi A8/A6/A4 8K TV tuner to European format
    Chip tuning test
    Reading PIN immobilizer EDC15P+ with memory 24C04 / EDC16
    Adaptation of the air suspension of the Audi A8 4E
    Adaptation of intake manifold flap sensor G336 2.0TFSi BPY/AXX
    Adaptation of VIN in the driver's airbag of the Audi A4 B6
    Adaptation of turbochargers in CBAB CBAC 2.0TDI CR engines
    Adaptation of fuel injection pump in control units of 2.5TDi V6 engines
    Adaptation of EGR valve in gasoline engines
    Adaptation of the amount of fuel when starting the injection pump in TDI engines
    Coding the ABS block in VW Passat B5
    Activation/deactivation of brake pad wear indicator Audi A3 8P /Audi TT
    Activating the recommended gear indicator in the Audi A3 8P / TT
    Encoding ESP xx379Ax
    BCM2 A4/A5 8K encoding to work with USA/EU LED lamps.

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