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    Diagnostic cable VAG K+Can Commander 1.4

    Code: OBDVGC
    Price: 50.00 EUR

    VAG K+Can Commander 1.4 is a professional diagnostic and coding device designed to work with Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Porsche cars up to 2007. The device allows you to make much more in-depth and subtle car settings than Vag Com (VCDS).

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    It allows you to perform the following operations:

    1. Diagnostics of vehicle control units - the device allows you to obtain information about the state of various vehicle systems, identify malfunctions and determine their causes.

    2. Odometer correction - using VAG K+Can Commander you can set the true odometer readings after replacing it from another car or restoring it after repair.

    3. Reading Security Access Code - the device can be used to obtain a special access code to the engine control unit, which is necessary to perform certain diagnostic and repair operations.

    4. AirBag error reset - in the event of airbag deployment, the device allows you to delete information about the accident from the control unit to avoid the activation of the indicator light.

    5. Activation of the TV/DVD viewing function while driving - on some Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda models it is possible to activate the video viewing function while driving. VAG K+Can Commander allows you to perform this setting.

    6. Reading the immobilizer access code via the CAN bus

    7. Key adaptation

    8. Steering wheel calibration - done after replacing sensors or repairing components, or if the steering wheel is not in the middle position and the wheels are set straight

    Thus, VAG K+Can Commander 4.1 is a universal tool for working with electronic systems of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda cars and allows you to perform a wide range of operations for diagnosing, repairing and tuning cars.

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