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    Anti-vandal frames for license plates made of metal (black)

    Price: 50.00 EUR

    Metal license plate frames to protect against theft and vandalism. They have a gap at the edges so as not to touch the body, but at the same time they do not allow you to pry them with your hands or a screwdriver. There is no need to drill the license plate, maintaining its external aesthetic appearance. The frame can be bent to the shape of a bumper. The base is made of thick plastic, the frame is made of metal.

    The number plate is dismantled by unscrewing 2 screws from the bottom of the frame, or 4, from the bottom and top, if there is access, for example, on the front number plate. In the dark or quickly, such dismantling is extremely difficult.

    The price is for a set of 2 pieces.

    The license plates in the photo are for example only and are not included in the kit.

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