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    Shark fin antenna 170x70x65 mm

    Code: RA1B.2
    Price: 20.00 EUR

    Radio antennas in the form of a shark fin to replace the standard ones. After replacing the antenna, the overall appearance of the car roof takes on a more modern and neat look. Also, after installing such an antenna, the problem in automatic car washes, whose brushes could damage the old ones in the form of a spoke, will be eliminated.

    Installed with double-sided tape or sealant.

    The antenna is not only decorative, but also a full replacement for the standard one. Inside the case there is a board with an active electronic antenna to avoid signal deterioration after removing the standard one in the form of a spoke.

    The antenna is attached to the double-sided tape included in the kit. Length 170 mm, width 70 mm, height 65 mm.

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