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    Mirror housings in S-Line style for Audi Q7 Q5 2016-2021

    Code: SKA7
    Price: 70.00 EUR

    Mirror housings for Audi cars in S-Line style, matte chrome.

    Audi Q7 (2G) 2015-2021
    Audi Q5 (2G) 2019-2021 Facelift

    Supplier country - Germany.

    The cost of a set of mirror housings is for the right and left sides. Product code SKA7.

    The cost of delivery by the Omniva parcel machine network in Latvia is 4 EUR, Estonia and Lithuania - 8 EUR.




    After installation, the car acquires an individual and unique look, enviably distinguishing your car from others. The trim adds a sporty S-Line touch to the body.

    Only cars from the S-Line sports series come off the production line with mirror caps in a matte aluminum look. Older series of Audi S-Line cars were equipped with trims made entirely of aluminum. The latest models of the S-Line series are equipped with plastic linings with matte aluminum coating off the assembly line. This is due to more stringent safety requirements, since all-aluminum linings were more dangerous for pedestrians.

    It is impossible to install original S-Line aluminum or “aluminium-look” trims on most conventional models, since they are significantly different. In some cases, the only way out of the situation is by installing mirrors entirely from the S-Line series. As a rule, these will be used mirrors from disassembly in a not very presentable form, with visible traces of chips and scratches. The cost of new original assembled mirrors, depending on the model - 2-3 thousand Euros, is unlikely to attract the attention of owners of used cars.

    We offer a more practical and economically attractive option. The cases are analogues of the original ones, made of plastic with an aluminum-like surface, manufactured and adapted specifically for replacement on ordinary cars.

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