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    Grilles in M-Performance style for BMW E39 (5 ​​Series)

    Price: 50.00 EUR
    BMW grilles:

    Gloss black twin grilles in M-Performance style for the BMW 5 Series E39 sedan and station wagon from 2000 to 2003 (restyling). Supplier country - Germany.

    The cost of a set of glossy ones (right and left) is 50 EUR.

    The cost of delivery by the Omniva parcel machine network in Latvia is 4 EUR, Estonia and Lithuania - 8 EUR.






    At the moment, chrome is not in fashion and the most popular parts are matte black or glossy. This applies not only to various moldings, linings and rims, but also to radiator grilles. After installing the black nostrils, the car begins to look more modern and youthful. And black grilles in the M-Performance style give the car not only a more sporty and aggressive look, but also a more luxurious, expensive one, emphasizing individuality, since cars that rolled off the assembly line at the time of production had the same chrome grilles, and only rare exclusive sports models were equipped double black nostrils.

    The cost of original factory grilles, which are installed at the factory during the manufacture of sports models, can reach several hundred Euros. But besides this, such grilles are not available for all so-called civilian versions of similar models, since the hood openings may differ.
    In such cases, the market offers various copies of sport-style grilles, adapted for various BMW models. Often, the replicas are pitiful and unfinished looking, cobbled together from hastily made molds, made in Taiwan or China, and are at the lowest price point. Their advantages include a very low and attractive price. In advertising photos of poor quality, passed through Photoshop, you can see an interesting product for purchase on the Internet. But after receiving such gratings, disappointment comes.Often, due to savings, they are made of very thin plastic, irregular geometry, and during installation the fasteners break, after which you have to put everything on sealant... until they start to come off at the next wash. The appearance of these grilles is not at all the same as the original ones on sports models, but a poor imitation of them. And, when the owner gets tired of constantly pushing such grilles into their place and gluing them with sealant, he puts in his original chrome ones again.



    BMW X5 X6 Grill Aliexpress vs hidplanet.lv

    We offer for installation not original, but high-quality grilles, made of thick hard plastic with the correct seats and in appearance corresponding to the M-Performance style.

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