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    BMW M-Style exterior mirror housings

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    BMW M-series cars have their own unique and exclusive design. With their aggressive appearance, they emphasize individuality, which enviably distinguishes them on the road from the general mass of ordinary “civilian” versions of cars of their brand.

    One of the distinctive features in the appearance of BMW sports models is the sports mirrors with characteristic individual shapes. And, if the owner of a regular version of BMW wants to add a bit of a sporty look to the appearance of his car in the form of mirrors from the M-series, he will face a serious problem. Such mirrors can only be installed as a whole, and this is the body together with the electrical adjustment mechanism and the mirror element, and so on, the budget of which will easily exceed “a couple of thousand euros.” Decorative mirror covers from the M-series do not fit regular mirrors.

    We offer adapted decorative mirror housings for regular standard models. All mounts are fully compatible with standard mirrors. They fit into place without the slightest gap. The old overlays are dismantled and new M-Looks are installed in their place. The appearance of the car changes radically towards exclusivity. Do you often see such mirrors on the roads?

    Nowadays there are various analogues on the market on the Internet, and at an extremely low price. In the presented photos from different angles you can see what would seem to be excellent options. In fact, a product from a lower price category is only vaguely reminiscent of a cheap copy of M-mirrors. To install them, you need to sharpen something, glue it, or use a hair dryer to give it an acceptable shape, reducing large gaps and mismatches of mounting locations. The mirror housings we offer are installed clearly in their places instead of the original ones.

    The surface of the cases is glossy black. They are ideal for both a black light car and will look individual on cars of a different color; this is exactly the fashion that the manufacturer itself adheres to.

    If necessary, the mirrors can be painted or covered with film to match the body color.

    To install, you need to remove the mirror element to access the inside of the original decorative trim. Next, press the latches and remove the cover. Then install a new M-style trim and a mirror element on the clips.

    Sporty style mirror caps are available for the following models:

    E60 and E61 (5 series), E63 and E64 (6 series), E70 and E71 (X5/X6 series), E81, E82, E87 and E88 (1 series), E90, E91, E92 and E93 (3 series), F01 and F02 (7 episodes), F10 and F11 (5 episodes), F15 and F16 (X5/X6 series), F20 and F21 (1 series), F22 and F23 (2 series), F25 and F26 (X3/X4 series), F30 and F31 (3 series), F32 and F33 (4 series), G01 and G02 (X3/X4 series), G05 and G06 (X5/X6 series), G11 and G12 (7 series), G20 and G21 (3 series), BMW G30/G31 (5 series).

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