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    Additional mirrors with two viewing areas for convenient driving and easier parking.

    Price: 14.00 EUR
    Additional mirrors:

    After installing the mirrors, there is an additional opportunity to control the wheels on each side when parking, for example, so as not to run over the curb. After all, with every “hard” parking, not only the rims suffer, but also the tires. And if damage to the disks is immediately visible, then hidden damage to the tires when hitting the curb will appear later in the form of a “hernia” on the cords, which significantly shortens their service life and leads to failure when passing the annual technical inspection. Mirrors help you park your car exactly as level as professional drivers do.

    Mirrors will be useful when learning to drive or for novice drivers, because it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. Often, parking for novice drivers causes fear or a feeling of shame when the car is parked unevenly, or too far from the curb or line. Beginners do not fully understand how much it is necessary to turn the steering wheel and how this will affect the movement of the car, its front and rear axles.

    The mirror has adjustment in the horizontal plane - the entire body rotates at the mounting location, as well as adjustment of both mirror glasses in all planes.
    The mirrors are installed using double-sided tape from the kit, resistant to external aggressive environments: rain, dirt, salt , frost, heat. They are attached from below to the standard original exterior mirrors.

    The cost of the left mirror is 14 EUR.
    The cost of the right mirror is 14 EUR.
    The cost of a set of left and right mirrors is 24 EUR.




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