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    Ambient Light wireless kit with 14 light sources

    Code: AMBL.2
    Price: 150.00 EUR

    Kit for installing soft ambient interior lighting. Number of colors - all possible RGB.

    Color and brightness are controlled wirelessly via an application on your phone (Android, iPhone) via Bluetooth. A complete shutdown is possible. Also, the application has a light-music mode, when the lighting system reacts to the music being played in the cabin through the smartphone’s microphone.

    We do not do installation; this can be done yourself, or in a qualified car service center, for example, specializing in the installation of car alarms, since the principle is identical - disassembling the interior panels and laying wires.

    An example of the operation of the installed kit on a BMW X5 E70, where this option did not exist from the factory.

    Ambient Lighting is an additional option when ordering new premium cars.

    The cost of the set is 150 EUR. Product code AMBL.2

    This set has 6 independent wireless modules and 1 central control module, which, in turn, is controlled from the phone. The central module synchronizes the operation of the entire system. To operate 6 wireless modules, you only need a 12 V power connection. There is no need to run cables across the entire cabin to the central module. There is no need to pull the control cable through the corrugations with wiring connecting the doors to the body. Constant power in the doors, for example, can always be taken from the central locking mechanism or window lifts.

    4 wireless modules out of 6 for installation in doors have 2 light sources each - one for installing an optical light guide and one for illuminating the handles on the inside. 2 wireless modules each have one light source for installing an optical light guide and can be used to install the lighting of the central dashboard or center console.

    - 6 light sources with wireless control units in which light guides are installed
    - 4 light sources for illuminating the interior door handles
    - 4 foot lights on single-sided tape, connected wires to the main control unit
    - optical light guide 8 meters long
    - tape for attaching the light guide 8 meters long
    - Central Bluetooth module for controlling all 14 light sources from a smartphone

    ambient light besprovodnoj komplekt


    Installation example on BMW X5 E70.

    The first example of installing this kit on Tesla Model 3

    Second example of installing this kit on Tesla Model 3

    The third example of installing this kit on a Mercedes V-class

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