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    Joystick-style automatic transmission knob for BMW E-series

    Price: 120.00 EUR
    BMW automatic transmission joystick:

    New gear selector knob for BMW E-series cars. The handle is designed in the style of the next generation BMW F-series joystick.


    After installation, the selector takes on a more modern and neat look. Passengers getting into such a car for the first time will certainly appreciate the new type of selector in the form of a joystick. Those who are “in the know” will probably be very surprised and ask the question - how is this possible?

    The selector displays the selected automatic transmission mode in the form of icons. The backlight on the handle duplicates the information displayed on the original panel next to the selector. The UNLOCK button on the side of the handle moves the linkage and performs the same functions as on the original handle, where you must press the button on the front of the lever before engaging the gear. The P button is decorative.

    The front part of the handle is made of a structured material that is soft to the touch, unlike cheap analogues from China. In addition, cheap analogues do not simultaneously display duplicate information about the selected mode both on the handle and on the panel next to the selector. Information is displayed only on the handle.

    Included with the selector knob is a set of wires. The handles and wires are different for different series. Also included are connection instructions. The installation can be performed either in the service or independently.

    Installation instructions and video below:
    1. Set the car to the handbrake
    2. Turn on the ignition, do not start the engine.
    3. Move the gear selector to the "Neutral" position.
    4. Turn off the ignition.
    5. Grasp the selector knob with both hands while pressing the gear selector mode unlock button. Next, remove the handle with a sharp jerk in the upward direction. Do not turn the selector handle, otherwise the lock located in the handle will be cut off.
    6. Remove the decorative leather boot by lightly pressing the edges inward on the clips. You should start from the top left corner. This will give you access to the wiring with plugs.
    7. Remove the decorative frame around the selector by prying it from the side with a plastic card.
    You can also start right away with the decorative trim, removing it along with the leather boot.
    8. Connect the plugs according to the attached instructions.
    9.Install everything in reverse order with the new selector.


    Cheaper analogues are supplied without packaging, in a bag, or in a regular gray cardboard box. Such selectors, when you press the UNLOCK button and move the lever, have creaks and “walking” of the body, which sooner or later will lead to the handle falling apart.

    The cost of the set is 120 EUR.

    Handles available in silver and black for BMW models:
    3 series E46
    5 series E39, E60
    X5 series E53















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