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    BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 new Start/Stop Engine button

    Code: SP1
    Price: 12.00 EUR
    BMW Start/Stop:

    Start/Stop Engine button for replacing the one erased during the operation of the car.
    Replacement will be useful in two cases:
    1. Aesthetic, for yourself
    2. Immediately before selling the car.

    The button wears out over time and this is not always due to high mileage. Since this is one of the most frequently used buttons, its appearance changes during use, starting from the middle a white spot appears, “blurring” the inscriptions more and more. The BMW manufacturer itself offers only one expensive solution - replacing the entire module, costing from 80 Euro for older models and more for new ones, which owners most often do not do, since the performance of the mechanism remains flawless over time and is not affected in any way for starting and stopping the engine. The high cost of the entire original mechanism is due to the fact that it is not just a switch, but an entire electronic module with a large number of parts, to which a cable cable fits.

    We offer a much cheaper way to eliminate an aesthetic defect by replacing the button itself. To replace, you need to remove the entire module, then remove the old button and install a new one.

    Button cost 12 EUR.

    Matte black. Product code SP1.
    Glossy black. Product code SP2.
    Matte red. Product code SP3.
    Glossy red. Product code SP4.
    Matte gray Product code SP5.
    Glossy gray. Product code SP6.

    The inscription "Start Stop Engine" is highlighted, as in the original.

    bmw-start-stop-engine-knopka-poga< /p>









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