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    BMW E39/E46 steering wheel restoration kit

    Code: BMSE46.ME
    Price: 45.00 EUR
    BMW steering wheel kit:

    Kit for self-restoration of the steering wheel coating of BMW cars.

    We do not do installation.

    As a result of wear, the steering wheel begins to lose its presentable appearance. Abrasions appear in the places where the hands are most often grasped. Usually, owners simply put up with this, since they believe that the restoration process is only possible by replacing it with another, used steering wheel, but in good condition, or by re-upholstering, which is often not economically feasible.

    In addition to reupholstery, you can find more budget-friendly offers - touch-up of scuffs. This method is only suitable as a temporary measure, for example, before selling a car. Professional painting of the entire steering wheel will no longer be a budget option; the cost will be close to a complete repainting. In addition, in terms of tactile sensations, a painted steering wheel cannot be compared with a new coating of material; it will only have a fresh appearance.

    Advantages of replacing the steering wheel cover yourself:
    - saving money on work
    - no need to remove the old cover, the new one is placed on top
    - no need to remove the steering wheel yourself, which can lead to errors in the cover safety and further search for a service to remove these errors
    - after removing the steering wheel, there is no need to send it to specialists for rework and spend money on it
    - replacement can be done at a free, convenient time chosen for yourself
    - there is no need to remain without a car while the master does the work, within 1-3 days.

    We offer a new coating made of two types of materials, smooth and perforated, which visually looks expensive and does not violate the original appearance, but adds a certain “touch of sportiness”. In addition, perforated material in the place of most frequent hand grip will be more pleasant to the touch.

    Ready-made kits are adapted for a specific car model, also taking into account whether the steering wheel is standard or M-Performance.

    The kit consists of material for reupholstery, 2 spools of thread (for the right and left sides in black), 2 special needles (not dangerous, one for spare), double-sided tape (for fixing the material on the old coating), a spatula for installing the material under the multifunction steering wheel button panels, without the need to dismantle them, which can only be done with complete removal of the steering wheel and detailed instructions with pictures. In some cases, if the button block is installed very tightly, it is still preferable to dismantle the steering wheel and then remove the airbag. All manipulations must be done only with the terminal on the battery disconnected. All manipulations must be done only with the terminal on the battery disconnected.

    Installation example on BMW X5 E53.

    We offer 2 types of steering wheel alteration kits - Eco leather (artificial leather) and Genuine leather (real cowhide).

    To make your choice easier:
    The steering wheels are covered with Eco leather as standard, and only the individually selected models and sports models are covered with Genuine leather.

    Eco leather and Natural leather sets are visually no different. Differences in tactile sensations. Genuine leather is most pleasant to the touch. One way or another, physiologically, the human body produces moisture (sweat) on the hands, especially during prolonged driving at high speeds. If the steering wheel is covered with Eco leather, it does not absorb moisture, a “slippery” feeling appears, the steering wheel feels like “plastic”. If, however, the covering is made of genuine leather, there is no such sensation, the steering wheel remains pleasant to the touch under any circumstances. At the same time, eco-leather coating, in some cases, may be more wear-resistant, for example, if you accidentally hit the steering wheel with a ring or watch bracelet, and also costs less.

    Product codes and prices:

    BMW E39/E46 M-steering wheel - Eco leather. The cost of the set is 45 EUR. Product code BMSE46.ME.

    BMW E39/E46 M-steering wheel - Genuine leather. The cost of the set is 60 EUR. Product code BMSE46.MN.

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