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    BMW G-series speed limit information module (KAFAS. Speed ​​Limit Info)

    Code: BMKE.G
    Price: 85.00 EUR

    Emulation module (KAFAS camera simulation) of the operation of the S8THA option - Road sign recognition (Speed ​​Limit Info), where this is not initially included in the configuration of BMW G series cars.

    Implemented as a standard option for displaying the speed limit on a specific section of the road. The restriction is displayed on the instrument panel and head-up display in the form of road signs. The signs No Overtaking, End of All Restriction Zone and No Overtaking Zone Restrictions are also displayed. The G Series LED instrument panels also display a red rim on the speedometer to indicate overspeeding. Extremely useful information on unfamiliar roads, when the driver does not always pay attention to the signs in the face of a large number of speed control radars. Information about speed limits is taken from standard navigation maps.

    The display of signs on the dashboard can be turned off using the side control lever BC, as well as, in the settings menu, separately for the HUD head-up display.

    The module is installed behind the dashboard according to the Plug and Play scheme, that is, in the original plugs without altering the standard wiring, and the presence of a traffic sign recognition option is also encoded. Does not affect the warranty. Can be removed if there is a need to return everything to its original state.

    We do not do installation. You can do this yourself, or by contacting a specialized service.

    bmw kafas sli emulator S8THA G series 2

    The only difference with the full-fledged factory S8THA system is that temporarily installed speed limit signs, for example, in areas with repair work, or seasonal restrictions on highways, are not taken into account. With the S8THA option simulation module, in cases where there is no information about the speed limit on a specific section of the road, dashes “--” or “150” are displayed on the dashboard.

    The module is supported on vehicles with 6WA/6WB dashboard. NBT/MGU Professional navigation and a large display are required. The more current the version of the navigation maps, the more accurately the speed limit is displayed.
    3 G-Series/GT: 2018-
    4 G-Series: 2020-
    5 G-Series: 2018-
    6 G-Series: 2018-
    7 G-Series: 2015-2022
    X3 G-Series: 2018-
    X5 G-Series: 2018-
    X6 G-Series : 2019-
    X7 G-series: 2019-

    To activate, you need to change the encoding values:

    Headunit block (HU_NBT) - 3001 EXBOX - Speedlimit_Info - active
    Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3008 PIA_Einheiten - KI_PIA_Speed_Limit - active
    Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3008 PIA_Einheiten - HUD_PIA_Speed_Lim - active< br />Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration - SPEED LIMIT GENERATION - sli_gen2_npi

    Data can be changed in a service specialized for the BMW brand by providing these values ​​or independently using the ENET cable and the program ESYS for Windows, or ENET cable or wireless adapter Vgate vLinker BM+ Bluetooth 4.0 in the program Bimmercode (paid version) using a phone/tablet with Android or iOS (Apple) operating systems.

    For information.

    Option S8THA Traffic Sign Recognition, installed from the factory, includes the whole complex:
    - S5ASA - Driving Assistant with an additional camera on the windshield. Using the KAFAS camera, the system reads the situation in front of the car, analyzing the image, recognizing moving cars and various objects in the field of view (cars, pedestrians, wild animals). Based on these readings, in case of possible danger, audible and visual signals are issued, or in a critical situation, the car resorts to emergency braking without driver intervention.
    - S5ADA - Lane Departure Warning.
    - S5ACA - Automatic high beam activation.
    - S5ATA Driving Assistant Plus (Traffic Jam Assist) Traffic Jam Assist - optional. "Autopilot" - acceleration, braking, steering without driver participation.

    To retrofit this complex, you need:
    - Installation of a KAFAS camera
    - Replacement of the windshield. You need a special windshield for KAFAS. The viewing area of ​​the KAFAS camera is heated. The heating system is designed to prevent fogging and icing of the windshield in front of the KAFAS video camera
    - Installation of the KAFAS control module
    - Installation of the panel (buttons or levers, depending on the model) for controlling assistants
    - Installation of the steering wheel with vibration- motor and hand sensors on the steering wheel
    - Purchase of FSC codes to activate the complex on a specific car based on the VIN code
    - Installation and coding work (3-5 days)
    Budget about 3,000 Euro.

    A brief overview of installing the module on the BMW G30.


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