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    Projection of 3D logo in the door for BMW with glass lenses. 2 pcs.

    Price: 45.00 EUR

    These projection lamps have glass lenses and a plate with the brand logo, also made of glass. A massive aluminum heatsink is installed on the reverse side to cool the ultra-bright LED. Together, this results in a long-lasting, bright and contrasting logo projection onto the asphalt.

    The image is like an emblem on the hood, with three-dimensional rendering of details.

    The lampshades can be installed on BMW E, F, G - series. They have two sockets for connecting to different series. For E39/E53, these lampshades will be smaller in size than the seats.

    The original lampshades with part number 63312414105 have an unpleasant feature - they fade over time. At first, the projection of the logo becomes cloudy, then loses color and eventually becomes a spot of light, with the logo barely visible. This is due to the use of plastic lenses and film with a printed logo. When exposed to bright light, the film fades and the lenses become cloudy. A temporary solution to the problem is to replace the entire lampshades with new ones, or disassemble them and replace the removable cartridges with the logo on the film.

    In turn, Chinese analogues of lampshades do not have radiators for cooling bright LEDs, as a result of which their failure occurs long before the film begins to burn out.

    The lampshades are installed in the standard locations of the door lights when exiting the car and are connected to the original connectors without any wiring alterations.

    This option is available for new cars when assembled at the factory, either as a retrofit kit consisting of two projection lamps for front doors costing about 100 Euros, or, respectively, for 4 doors costing about 200 Euros. For example, the number of the original BMW spare part is 63312414105. In the original, the lampshades come in the same size with a set of adapters. The accompanying instructions say that some models may require widening the mounting holes using a knife.

    After installation, when opening the doors, the car owner receives an individual and unique view of the projection of the brand logo on the asphalt, which, of course, will not leave passengers and others indifferent.

    We offer an analogue of projection lamps with the ability to individually select a projection to suit your taste and type of car model.

    To display the projection correctly, you need to connect the plugs of the lampshades, but do not install them in the standard places until you are convinced that the right and left sides are correct. The left and right side markings are on the stickers.

    On the back of the projectors there are aluminum radiator plates for cooling super-bright diodes.

    The price is for a set of two doors.

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