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    BMW X3 F25 rear LED lights restoration board Valeo B003809.2 (analogue)

    Price: 40.00 EUR

    Over time, the clearance strips on BMW X3 F25 2011-2016 models stop working. The problem is the control board from the manufacturer Valeo, which is failing. The dealer service center offers only one option - complete replacement of the failed lamp with a new one. The tail lights consist of 4 parts - two are installed on the tailgate and two on the body; they can be purchased separately. The cost of one new internal lamp is 200 Euro, external 250. Buying used lamps will only temporarily solve the problem. Over time, it may be necessary to replace all 4. The light sources themselves in the lanterns are practically “eternal.”

    We offer a more cost-effective repair - replacement of failed control boards, an analogue of Valeo B003809.2 with a more optimized and durable circuit. The boards are located on the outside of the flashlight and are easily replaced. You can perform such repairs yourself without contacting a service center. Videos on dismantling lamps can be found on the Internet. We do not do replacements.

    The boards are the same for all 4 segments of the rear lights.

    To remove the old board, you need to partially bite/break off part of the factory-fused plastic with pliers (indicated by the white arrow), but do not cut it off completely, so that the new board is held tightly in the seat. Next, on the opposite side of the deposited plastic, with a skew, you need to pull and remove the old board. Then install the new one in reverse order.

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    The new board is installed in place.

    Cheap analogues from China have a short service life. Their boards are twice as thin and on the reverse side do not have an aluminum cooling radiator, which is glued to thermal paste, as in the original version and ours. It is the presence of such a radiator that makes heat removal from the board parts effective, thereby not limiting their service life. Also, due to their smaller thickness, cheap boards dangle in the lamp seats and require modification.

    On the left is a cheap Chinese board.

    On the left is the original board, on the right is the analogue we offer. The circuit on the analogue was changed to a more energy efficient one, as a result of which the layout of the parts also changed.

    This is what a failed side light sector looks like on a car.

    Location of boards on the rear internal and external lights.


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