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    BMW X3/X4 F25/F26 interior part of the passenger compartment handle

    Code: DRF25BLR
    Price: 30.00 EUR
    BMW X3/X4-series F25/F26:

    Details of the housing of the inner part of the passenger door handles of the interior of BMW X3 series with F25 body and X4 with F26 body of 2010 - 2017 model years. Supplier country - Germany.

    The original handle bodies have a layer of rubber applied, so their cost, depending on the place of purchase, starts from 80 Euros per piece. Over time, this layer becomes sticky and then begins to crumble, leaving shells.

    Also, now there are very cheap Chinese pen bodies on the market. The seats may not match and installation will be extremely difficult without using a hair dryer for adjustment. In terms of tactile sensations, they will have nothing in common with the original; it will be ordinary smooth and slippery plastic, which has a heterogeneous structure upon close examination, and the material itself is fragile. Cheap Chinese analogues do not have any markings - right, left side, release date, and so on. Such handles, sooner or later, when the door is suddenly closed, may remain in the hand and not on the door.

    We offer an analogue case, which will be close to the original in terms of tactile sensations and quality, but significantly lower in cost.

    The cost of the housing of the inner part of the right front/rear passenger handle is 30 EUR.
    Black color - product code DRF25BLR
    Light (beige) color - product code DRF25BER

    The cost of the housing of the inner part of the left rear passenger handle is 30 EUR.
    Black - product code DRF25BLL
    Light (beige) color - product code DRF25BEL

    The product is in place.

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