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    New car ignition key housings

    The ignition key is an integral accessory of the car. During operation, it is subject to wear and tear from being carried in a pocket, contact with other keys, accidental falls on the asphalt, the buttons wear out, or already fail, and so on. The appearance of the key becomes unpresentable. Firstly, the owner of the car may not like it. Secondly, anyone who sees such a key from the outside may incorrectly judge the condition of the car - since the key looks like this, it means the car may be in the same condition. Many owners put up with this situation, knowing that a new key can only be ordered in its entirety from a dealer of the car brand for an extremely impressive amount.

    Car dealers do not sell new key cases. If you need to order a duplicate key, you need to come to the dealer with a registration certificate and proof that you are the owner of the vehicle and order a new key. Using the VIN code, the dealer places an order at the factory to produce a duplicate. After which, a few weeks later, the client receives a new key, with a blade cut to fit the locks of his car and electronic filling, also already programmed and ready for use. The cost of such a key, depending on the model, starts from one to several hundred euros.

    We offer a much more cost-effective solution to get a new key for little money. Since the key performs all its functions properly, you can replace its case, or only worn access control buttons, as well as a brand logo worn out over time. Also, in some cases, when replacing the battery, you have to peel off the brand logo, since there is a self-tapping screw underneath it. The logo is disposable and we also offer a new one.

    We do not provide services for replacing electronic components or producing blanks. All this can be done independently, and the blank can be turned in any workshop, which will save you up to 80% of the cost of a finished key at the dealer or in local workshops.

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