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    Cordless auto compressor - vacuum cleaner

    Price: 84.00 EUR 97.00 EUR

    Wireless rechargeable car compressor for wheels with an additional function - a vacuum cleaner.

    After setting the specified pressure, the wheel inflates and stops automatically. The average time to inflate a completely empty car tire is 70 seconds. Operating time on one charge is 12 minutes.

    The compressor will be indispensable on long trips, when car services may not be available on the road in case of loss of pressure in the wheel. It is extremely important to maintain the required tire pressure, especially low-profile rubber, the cost of which is hundreds of Euros.

    Also, the compressor can be used for daily monitoring and maintaining the required tire pressure.

    Can be used as a Power bank for charging phones, tablets, computers.

    Technical data:
    Lithium battery 4000 mAh
    Digital display and battery charge indicator
    4 wheel inflation modes - car/motorcycle/bicycle/ball
    Built-in flashlight
    Suction power in vacuum cleaner mode 8000 pa
    Built-in removable dust filter
    Size of retained particles 0.3 microns
    Operation time in vacuum cleaner mode up to 30 minutes
    Filter and dust container are washable
    USB Type-C charging connector
    Power 60 Watt
    Rated voltage: 7.4 V
    Rated current: 8A
    4 attachments included: tire inflation hose, tire inflation needle balls, cone attachment for inflating children's swimming equipment and air mattresses, adapter for other types of nipples.
    Case length 20 cm, with brush installed 29 cm. Width 5.5 cm, height 5.5 cm.
    Weight 800 g

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