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    Brush for cleaning drainage holes, 160 cm long

    Code: DCTB1
    Price: 15.00 EUR

    Brush for cleaning drainage holes in a car. It can also be used for cleaning the drains of home refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic windows, and so on.

    Cleaning drains for preventive purposes in a car is an extremely important operation. If they become clogged, rainwater begins to flood the electronic units and wiring located throughout the car. This ultimately leads to costly repairs and replacement of electronic components. Also, water entering the interior leads to the formation of unpleasant odors and corrosion of body parts.

    The main places in the car body where the holes are located:

    Drain hole in the fuel tank
    Drain hole in the hatch
    Drain holes in the car doors
    Drain hole in the bottom of the trunk
    Drain holes in the engine compartment

    Metal cable length 160 cm, brush length 6.5 cm.

    Product code: DCTB1

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