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    Headlight clarity restoration kit

    Price: 180.00 EUR
    Headlight restoration kit:

    Kit for restoring the transparency of polycarbonate (plastic) car headlights. Restoration is carried out by applying a thin protective layer of polymer to the surface of the plastic, which fills all cracks and scratches. The surface of the headlight also acquires protection from UV rays. The 800 ml bottle of polymer chemicals included in the kit is enough to treat about 36 headlights. Chemicals can also be purchased separately from the kit upon order with a wait of 5-10 working days.

    New headlights are coated from the factory with a protective layer of clear varnish. Over time, the varnish becomes cloudy, sandblasted and covered with a network of microcracks, which causes the intensity of the light flux to decrease and the appearance to be lost.

    Restoring headlights in car repair shops often comes down to only polishing the surface of the glass, after which a certain shine effect appears, but not for long, since the protective factory layer of varnish has already been erased. In some cases, car services offer a more expensive restoration method in which the headlights are completely dismantled, sanded and varnished. Also, after polishing, car services offer the application of a protective film. In turn, small scratches quickly appear on the film and it becomes cloudy over time; after pressure washing, it may begin to peel off.

    The process of processing headlights with polymer:

    The body around the perimeter of the headlights is covered with protective tape. The headlights are sanded with fine sandpaper to a matte state to completely remove the remnants of the factory varnish. The chemical is poured into a heating container and connected to a power source. The boiling point of the chemical polymer composition is 85 degrees. After heating, through one of two nozzles, polymer vapors are applied to the surface of the glass. The transparency effect appears immediately.

    The polymer cannot be applied as a liquid by rubbing, otherwise it will “melt” the surface of the polycarbonate headlight lenses. The application process must be carried out using protective equipment - rubber gloves, glasses, a respirator.

    The kit includes:
    - Liquid polymer in an 800 ml bottle
    - Heating thermo-capacity
    - Cone-shaped nozzle
    - Nozzle with tube
    - Funnel for spilling chemicals
    - Power supply for heating a container powered by 12V
    - Power supply for heating a container powered by 220V
    - Machine for holding sanding paper
    - Sanding paper of various types types (starter kit)
    - Scotch tape (starter kit)
    - Hard coffee

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