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    Stethoscope for car service

    Price: 14.00 EUR

    Car stethoscope for troubleshooting, diagnosing the remaining life of various moving parts without disassembling the units.


    A stethoscope is an acoustic device that significantly amplifies sound directed from a specific place (unit). The device allows you to confidently identify the sound source and localize it in the overall volume of the mechanism.

    To operate the device, you must insert the stethoscope into the ear canals and place the probe firmly on the surface closest to the sound source of interest.


    Applicable to:

    - search for faulty bearings, especially when there are several of them in close proximity to each other and there are difficulties in identifying the faulty one
    - source of squeaking, both outside the car and creaking of interior parts
    - search for faulty ones fuel injection nozzles, fuel supply pump
    - identifying malfunctions in hydraulic compensators
    - searching for knocking valves, piston pins, detonation sounds
    - searching for air leaks
    - searching for worn or broken gear teeth

    The cost of the stethoscope is 14 EUR.

    Ear canals rotate for customization



    The hearing probe has an extension. Maximum probe length 30 cm.


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