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    We do not do installation.

    LHL spotlight type lens modules are installed in the standard headlight reflector from the inside into the hole for installing the lamp and are fixed with a special centering washer and nut on the outside. To do this, it is necessary to remove the headlight assemblies. Often, removing headlights requires complete or partial removal of the front bumper. Next, you need to remove the headlight glass installed with factory heat sealant. To perform this operation, it is necessary to heat the headlight to a certain temperature in a special oven. After installing the bi-xenon lens, everything is assembled in the reverse order. In shallow headlight reflectors, additional processing of the seat may be required so that the lens sits deeper and does not touch the glass during subsequent height adjustment and does not interfere with the operation of the standard manual or automatic headlight leveler.

    The lenses use H1 xenon lamps, which also have analogues of conventional halogen lamps.

    We offer 3 types of lenses:

    1. Standard size 2.5 inches with a lens diameter of 6.35 cm and a socket for H1 lamps for installation on cars and small jeeps

    Bi-xenon lenses model X1

    bixenon lens 2.5 x1 type

    Bi-xenon lenses model X7

    Bixenon Lens 3.0 X5 Type

    The diameter of the lens affects the width of the output light beam. The larger the diameter, the wider the angle, but also the more expensive the lens. In addition, the physical size of a 3.0-inch lens module is significantly larger than a 2.5-inch one. Due to its large size, it cannot be installed in most passenger car headlights. This type of lens is perfect for installation in jeeps, minibuses and trucks. Lenses larger than 3.0 inches are not available.

    Comparison of 3.0" (left) and 2.5" (right) bi-xenon lenses

    bixenon lens 3.0 vs 2.5

    Bi ksenonovie linzi dlja avtomobilnih far

    3. Standard size 3.0 inches with a socket for D2S or D1S lamps to replace standard lenses installed from the factory. Due to long-term use of standard lenses, the reflector burns out over time. As a result, the headlights “glow” but do not shine. The road lighting becomes dim, even after installing new lamps, the line of the “daw” is blurred, as a result of which discomfort begins to appear when driving at night and in poor visibility conditions. In some cases, it is impossible to pass inspection with such optics. After replacing with new bi-xenon lenses, the car owner receives a higher-quality low beam than from the factory, since modern technologies make it possible to produce a more uniform reflector coating and better processed lens glass. Old factory lenses have a stepwise processing of the convex surface of the glass at close range, which directly affects the light beam of the headlight. In addition to better quality light after replacing standard lenses, the car owner receives additional high beam.

    Bi-xenon lenses model X9

    bixenon lens 3.0 x7 type

    bixenon lens 3.0 x7 type d2s d1s

    Bi-xenon lenses model X10 to replace burnt-out factory xenon lenses of Audi A6 (C5), A6L, S6, Mercedes Benz W209, W21, W251, W212, R171, ML320 (X164), BMW E65, E53.

    Bi-xenon lenses model X11 to replace burnt-out factory xenon lenses for BMW E60/E61, Ford C-Max, S-Max, Audi A6/S6/A8 D3, S8 D4, Mercedes-Benz W211.

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