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    When using the adapter we offer and the specialized universal program Carista (paid version, not included in the price) it is possible to read all electronic units of the car and erase errors in them. All other similar cheap adapters, except the one that is connected not for all cars; error data is read only for the engine.

    Also, the program has a function for resetting service and encoding a large number of factory functions, for example, such as automatically turning on the low beam when starting the engine, blinking turn signals once or three times when you lightly touch the lever, the number of strokes of the front and rear wipers after starting the wash, the interval of their operation, software disabling the headlight washers and much, much more.

    Maximum functionality in the program is available for cars after 2006-2007 model years Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mini, Nissan, Scion, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen.

    For cars up to 2005-2006 and cars of French, American, Swedish brands of all years of production, the functionality of the program may be limited to reading and erasing errors only for the engine, or may not be available at all. Full information about the availability of diagnostic and coding options can be viewed for a specific vehicle in the electronic Catalogue.

    For Toyota and Lexus cars, we also recommend using the ELMScan Toyota program (paid version, not included in the price).

    For Mazda and Ford cars, diagnostics for all units is available using the FORScan Lite or Car Scanner programs, for Alfa Romeo - AlfaOBD (paid versions, not included in the price).

    Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Jeep and Dodge vehicles require the use of a WiFi diagnostic adapter with Windows or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and Multiecuscan.

    For other brands, we recommend using the Car Scanner ELM OBD2 application on your phone.







    Using a universal diagnostic scanner, various errors during vehicle operation are read. Errors are displayed in the form of codes, after which, either in the diagnostic program or using search engines with a combination of the error code and the make-model of the car, a detailed and detailed description of the problem is found, as well as its solution. After reading the errors, the program has a function to delete them. If the error is periodic, or occurs accidentally, for example, after resetting the terminal from the battery, it will be deleted and there will no longer be an indication of the problem on the car’s dashboard. If the error is permanent, appears immediately after the reset, or after a short time, this indicates the need to replace a worn-out unit, sensor, or entire electronic unit.

    Using a scanner, you can monitor the temperature of the engine coolant, because many modern cars no longer display this parameter on the dashboard. And thanks to the scanner, you can understand what state the thermostat is in.

    Also, on some cars you can control the oil temperature in the automatic transmission, it should be within 90-100 degrees, if more, then it’s worth looking for a problem, otherwise this problem will soon manifest itself. For example, the problem of increased temperature may lie in contaminated honeycombs of the cooling radiator, in deposits in the oil due to excessive loads and the need to replace it, possibly earlier than the scheduled time, and so on. Temperature control will also be useful in the case when a heavy trailer is being pulled .

    The program shows the operation of a large number of sensors installed on the car.

    - engine speed in digital format;
    - average fuel consumption;
    - reading the vehicle VIN code;
    - acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h;
    - fuel system condition, pressure, and so on;
    - real speed in digital format (all manufacturers deliberately inflate the speedometer readings on the dashboard);
    - pressure in the intake manifold;
    - boost pressure for turbocharged engines;
    - ignition timing angle;
    - state of the lambda probe;
    - intake air temperature;
    - display of current air flow;
    - angle throttle opening;
    - parameters of the exhaust oxygen sensor to identify problems with excessive fuel consumption;
    - amount of fuel in the tank in liters;
    - when installing the program Track Recorder and attaching a mobile phone with a camera to the windshield, you can record a video of the trip overlaying a previously selected set of parameters car for subsequent assessment of the condition of the vehicle in the record.

    On a very small number of cars, for example Ford Focus 2, when using a diagnostic scanner, in addition to diagnostics, using special software you can perform programming functions, such as enabling or disabling various additional options, binding new keys , reflashing of the engine control unit, chip tuning.

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