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    Basic coding values for BMW E, F and G series vehicles in the Bimmercode program in normal mode and Expert Mode.

    The Bimmercode program (paid version) is installed on phones and tablets with Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems.

    To work with the program via the car connector, you need an ENET cable (Ethernet) with a corresponding USB Type-C or Micro USB plug for Android, or Lightning ENET for iOS. We also recommend the universal wireless adapter Vgate vLinker BM+ Bluetooth 4.0, working with both operating systems and Android and iOS devices. When working with a cable, reading and writing information in blocks occurs at a higher speed.

    Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) - Crash Safety Module

    PDC/Top View speed switch-off - Parking sensors/All-round view, switch off at a given speed
    Rear view camera distance switch-off threshold - Switch off the rear view camera at a given distance
    Rear view camera speed switch -off threshold - Disables the rear view camera at a given speed

    Selt belt reminder driver (passenger) seat - Reminder about unfastened seat belt driver (passenger) seat
    Selt belt indicator driver (passenger) seat - Seat belt indicator driver (passenger) seat
    Selt belt reminder duration - Duration of the seat belt reminder
    Selt belt reminder distance
    Selt belt reminder speed - Speed of the seat belt reminder
    Initial selt belt reminder after start - Reminder to fasten your seat belt safety after start

    Air Conditioning (IHKA) - Heating and air conditioning system

    Air conditioning on in AUTO mode - The air conditioning is turned on in automatic mode
    Air conditioning setting memory - Air conditioning settings memory
    Air circulation setting memory - Air circulation settings memory
    Automatic Air Recirculation - Automatic recirculation air
    AC on in air recirculation mode - Automatic air conditioner is turned on in air recirculation mode
    Apply AUTO settings to manual mode - Apply AUTO settings to manual mode

    Body Domain Controller (BDC) - Central control unit for body electronics

    Ambient lighting color contour - Ambient lighting, upper color contour (default)
    Ambient lighting color - Ambient lighting color, lower color contour (default)
    Brake Force Display activation speed - Brake force, activation of speed display
    Brake Force Display activation brake force - Braking force, activation of braking force

    Convenient opening Convenient (Comfortable) opening
    - this refers to the function and time interval of closing/opening window glass and sunroof when you hold (long or single press) the button on the key or handle with comfortable access.
    Convenient opening with remote control - Convenient opening delay
    Convenient opening delay - Convenient opening delay
    Convenient opening rear windows - Convenient opening rear windows
    Convenient opening delay sunroof - Convenient opening delay sunroof
    Convenient closing - Convenient closing
    Convenient closing with remote control - Convenient closing with Comfort Access
    Convenient closing delay - Convenient closing delay
    />Convenient closing front windows - Convenient closing front windows
    Convenient closing delay sunroof - Convenient closing delay sunroof

    Horn signal when locking the carwith engine running - Sound signal when locking the car with the engine running.
    Time until automatic lock - Time until automatic door locking
    Window lifter interrruption when opening a door - Stopping the window lifter when opening the door
    Rear window lifter interrruption when opening a door - Stopping the rear window lifter when opening the door

    Default driving mode - Default driving mode (initially, everyone has Comfort set, you can set Sport).

    Headlight washers - Headlight washers
    Number of washing operations for headlight cleaning - Number of washing operations for headlight cleaning
    Water injection duration for headlight cleaning - Duration of water injection for headlight cleaning
    Headlight cleaning pause between injection pulses - Pause for cleaning headlights between injection pulses
    Number of water injection pulsea during headlight cleaning - Number of water injection pulses when cleaning headlights

    Rain-light-sensor sensitivity - Rain sensor sensitivity

    Automatic light control - Automatic light control. In switch position "0" nothing will light up. Don't forget to encode Checkbox daytime running light in Headunit (checkbox to disable daytime running lights).

    Automatic mirror tilt - Automatic mirror tilt
    Automatic mirror tilt value - Automatic mirror tilt value in %
    Unfold mirrors with convenient opening - Fold mirrors with convenient closing - Fold mirrors with closing

    Front backrests temperature level 1,2,3 - Temperature level of the backrests of the front seats 1,2,3
    Front seats temperature level 1,2,3 - Temperature level of the front seats 1,2,3
    Rear backrests temperature level 1,2,3 - Temperature level of the backrests of the rear seats 1,2,3
    Rear seats temperature level 1,2,3 - Temperature level of the rear seats 1,2,3

    Wipe cycles after front washing - Number of wiping cycles after turning on the windshield washer
    Wipe cycles after rear washing - Number of wiping cycles after turning on the rear window washer
    Rear wiper interval Rear window wiper operating interval (maximum interval 12 seconds)

    Fog lights off with high beam - Fog lights with high beam (the so-called strobe mode, if flashing when the fog lights are turned off while the high beam is on)
    Enable/disable the automatic switch-off of fhe fog lights when the high beam is turned on - Enable/disable automatic turning off of fog lights when the high beam is turned on

    Fog lights with parking lights - Fog lights with parking lights
    Allows the fog lights to be turned on with parking lights - Turn on fog lights with parking lights

    Hazard warning signal after emergency braking - The hazard warning signal is activated automatically after an emergency braking - The hazard warning signal is activated automatically after an emergency braking

    Camera-based Driver Assistance System (KAFAS) - Camera-based driver assistance systems

    "Speed Limit Info" road sign type - Determination of the type of road sign "Speed Limit Info"
    Lane depature warming activation speed - Activation of lane departure warning at a given speed (initial activation set to 70 km/ h, can be set to 55 km/h/).

    Engine Control Unit (DME) - Digital electronic engine control system

    Auto Start Stop function memory - Automatically remembers the position of the Start/Stop function button

    Tailgate Trunk Module (HKL) - Trunk door control unit

    Close tailgate with remote control - closing and opening the tailgate from the control panel (hold the button for half a second)

    Close tailgate with button in the driver door - closing and opening the tailgate with a button in the cabin

    Headunit (HU-H) - High Head Unit

    Checkbox acoustical lock confirmation - Checkbox in the on-board computer menu for confirmation of acoustic locking
    (Enable/Disable the checkbox in the settings for doors/keys in the iDrive system to Enable/Disable the acoustical lock confirmation. If checkbox in the iDrive system does not allow selection, pleas check if "Acoustical lock/unlock confirmation" in the "Roof Function Center" ECU is set to "Active" also. To make this work, the car has to be equipment with an alarm system. )
    (Enable/disable the checkbox in the door/key settings in the iDrive system to enable/disable the confirmation of acoustic locking. If the checkbox in the iDrive system does not allow selection, please check whether the "Acoustic locking" option is set to "Active" /unlock confirmation" in the "Roof Function Center" menu. To do this, the vehicle must be equipped with an alarm system.)

    Maximum volume at start-up - Maximum volume level at start-up
    Warning chime - Sound warning (Sounds when the outside temperature is +3. You can choose: BMW, BMW I, Mini or Rolls Royce)
    Ringtone - Ringtone that is used in case of an incoming call (you can select: BMW, BMW I, Mini or phone ringtone)

    Checkbox daytime running light - Checkbox in the on-board computer menu for daytime running lights

    Start animation - Selection of start animation on the display screen
    Volume popup - Pop-up window when adjusting the volume
    Tire pressure control - Control of tire pressure and temperature. Provided that the appropriate RDC sensors are installed on the disks
    Rear view camera zoom - Rear view camera zoom mode
    Display full text messages - Full text message display mode

    Sport Displays - Sports devices
    Sport Displays color - Selecting the color of sports devices

    Video in motion - Video in motion. 

    For F and G series with NBT multimedia onwards. To unblock video in motion, select Unlock in the Bimmercode program and then follow the instructions on the screen: Please wait a moment until the head unit in your car is restarted and the main menu appears on the display. If the main menu does not appear automatically, use the MENU button on the iDrive controller. Please tilt the iDrive controller in your car forward and hold it in this position until the process is completed

    Video via USB - Viewing video from a USB drive
    Additional video codecs and formats - Additional video codecs and formats (Ogg, Xvid and VCD)

    Warning at start-up - Warning at startup. Disable the warning that is displayed when the iDrive system starts
    Camera warning - Camera warning. Disable the warning that appears when using the camera
    Night vision warning Night vision warning. Turn off the warning that appears when using night vision. Use a backup to save this encoding, it has been applied.

    Instrument Cluster (KOMBI) - Instrument cluster

    Assisted Driving View (schematic visualization of flow movement on the instrument panel for G-series):
    KOMBI4 block, set the CB_FZG_UMGEBUNG_FAS parameter to “aktiv”
    KOMBI4 block, set the CB_PRESELECT_NAVI_ANSICHT_FZG_UMGEBUNG parameter to “aktiv”
    Block KOMBI4 parameter PIA_FZG_UMGEBUNG_FAS is set to “aktiv”
    KOMBI4 block parameter SICHT_ABSICHT_ENABLE is set to “aktiv”

    Acoustic signal when reverse gear is enabled - Acoustic signal when reverse gear is enabled

    Logo - Logo on the dashboard (you can choose: B5, B6, B7 (Bi-Turbo), D5 eDrive, M, M40d)

    Average values reset - Resetting average values after a specified time

    Alpina display style - Dashboard in Alpina style
    Empty menu item in board computer - Empty menu item in the on-board computer
    Digital speed in board computer Digital speed in the on-board computer

    Additional digital speed in speedometer - Additional digital speed in the speedometer

    The Maximum value of the fuel consumption display - The maximum value of the fuel consumption display. The default is 20l/100 km, you can set 30l/100km

    Low fuel warning 1, 2 - Warning about low fuel level option 1 (remaining 50 km), 2 (remaining 90 km)

    Day/Night instrument panel color change (Grau or Orange)
    Options for 6WA F-series instrument panels only (not LED).
    Night mode color change:
    Change day mode color:

    Power Tailgate Module (HKFM) - Tailgate Function Module

    Tailgate function when pushing the button in the driver door - Tailgate function when pulling the button in the driver door - Tailgate function when pulling the button in the driver door - Tailgate function when pulling the button in the driver door which is activated when the button in the storage compartment in the driver's door is pressed down
    Close tailgate with button in the driver door without long press - Close the tailgate with the button in the driver's door without long pressing.
    Tailgate function remote control - Tailgate function when pressing the button on the key (open, or open/close)
    Close tailgate with remote control without long press - Close the tailgate with the button on the key without a long press

    Roof Function Center/Alarm System (FZD) - Function center in the roof

    Acoustical lock/unlock confirmation - Acoustic confirmation of locking/unlocking
    Confirmation sound volume - Confirmation of the volume of the arming and disarming sound (quiet, normal, loud, very loud)
    Confirmation sound frequency - Frequency confirmation sound
    Confirmation sound duration - Duration of confirmation sound (short, normal, long, very long)
    Alarm sound - Alarm type (Europe, UK, USA)

    More advanced coding of parameters in the Bimeercode program, using the Expert Mode (slider in the upper right corner)

    Disable the Start/Stop mode (disabled state memory)
    DME block, set the TC_MSA_MEMORY parameter to “active”
    For the default off state, change the TC_MSA_DEFAULT_OFF parameter, set it to “active”
    So that when switching in Eco from Comfort and Sport the Start/Stop function was not activated -
    in the "Eco Individual" mode, uncheck the Start/Stop option. If it is not there:
    In the Head Unit, set the ECO_CONF_MSA parameter to "active"

    Disables energy regeneration during braking. The battery is charged by the generator up to 100%, instead of 80, where 20% is allocated for recuperation, saving up to 3% fuel. DME  - 3000  -  IGR  - parameter Werte 00 (recuperation off = always charge)

    Disabling the belt gong:
    ACSM block parameter SbrVariantDriv select Werte=00 disables all gongs for the driver’s belts
    If there is a checkmate for the passenger, then disable and select the SbrVariantPas parameter Werte=00
    Or by block ACSM with FA editing and adding OI11 and OI12 options to HO-WORT

    Head unit [MGU/NBT/ENTRYEVO]

    Enable sound profiles Bowers & Wilkins:
    MGU unit We set the Audio_SYSTEM parameter to "alev4_ram" (to work, you must have a harman/kardon system in the car), the "Sound Profiles" item will appear in the "Sound" menu, but in the diagnostics (when connecting equipment) an error will appear about incorrect audio system preamplifier unit.

    Schematic visualization of flow movement on the dashboard - Assisted Driving View:
    KOMBI4 block parameter CB_FZG_UMGEBUNG_FAS is set to “aktiv”
    KOMBI4 block parameter CB_PRESELECT_NAVI_ANSICHT_FZG_UMGEBUNG is set to “aktiv”
    KOMBI4 block parameter PIA_FZG_UMGEBUNG_ FAS is exhibited in “aktiv”
    KOMBI4 block parameter SICHT_ABSICHT_ENABLE is set to “aktiv”

    Configuring encodings for the appearance of the “engine sound” menu in bimmercode through expert mode
    — DISPLAY_MENU_CONFIGURATION_ENGINE_SOUND — Ausgelesen = enabled (was disabled)
    — DISPLAY_CONFIGURABILITY_ENGINE_SOUND — Ausgelesen = aktiv (was nicht_aktiv)

    Selecting car color and equipment:
    The VEHICLE_COLOR parameter is responsible for the color (there are a lot of colors)
    The TRIM_LINE parameter is for the equipment (also a lot)

    Activation of the MGU seat heating menu:
    Set the parameter AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FRONT to "heizung"
    Parameter AKT_AUTO_LENKRAD for the steering wheel
    Also in the BDC_BODY block set the parameter LHZ_CCM_IKF to "active"
    Parameter IKF_ENABLE - to operate the heating in the machine, set “IKF_ALLE_SITZE”
    (The heated driver’s seat turns on automatically only when the seat belt is inserted, the steering wheel and passenger seats turn on immediately)

    Control of seat heating and ventilation via NBT in the climate comfort menu:
    Front seats:
    HU_NBT_EVO / 3000 HMI / AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FRONT - heizung or kuehlung or heizung_kuehlung (heating, ventilation, both)
    Rear seats:
    HU_NBT_EVO / 3000 HMI / AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FOND - heizung or kuehlung or heizung_kuehlung
    LHZ_CCM_IKF to aktiv value, IKF_ENABLE parameter to IKF_ALLE_SITZE

    Heating distribution (in G20 distribution works only for the driver)
    Block HU_MGU parameter HVAC_SEATHEAT_DISTR_FRONT (front seats)
    Block BDC_BODY parameter SITZHEIZUNG_FRONT_SCHICHTUNG set to "active"
    Block SM2 parameter SHZ_TYP set to "werte 02 "

    Five short “signals” with the turn signal instead of three:
    MGU block parameter 5_FACH_TIPPBLINKEN set to “active” (Werte=01)
    Works only on MGU

    Activation of “video in motion”
    Set the SPEEDLOCK_FREISCHALTMENU parameter to “active”
    After that, already in the car, holding the joystick puck up and without releasing, press the buttons on the joystick in turn: MEDIA - MENU - MEDIA next A hidden menu for turning off video in motion will appear. Attention - disabling is performed for the currently active key; for the second key, repeat the procedure with the joystick.

    BMW audio warnings (level must be at least i-Step 2019.07)
    MGU unit BRAND parameter values to choose from bmw / mini / rr / bmw_i

    Changing the start animation (M splash screen):
    Block MGU/HU_ENTRYNAV2 Parameter STARTUP_EMBLEM boot options 6: bmw, rr, mini, alpina, M and others)

    Changing the colors of sports devices from orange to gray (m style):
    Block HU_ENTRYNAV2 Set the M_VECHICLE parameter to “active” (the color does not change on MGU)

    Changing car sound styles (system sounds from BMW i8, Rolls Royce, MINI):
    Block HU_ENTRYNAV2 Parameter SOUND_SIGNAL_SET select bmw_i (or another to taste)

    Changing the design theme of the GU (works differently on all machines):
    Block HU_ENTRYNAV2 Parameter HMI_BRAND

    Show not only the pressure but also the tire temperature:
    NBT/MGU block parameter RDC_DRUCK_TEMP instead of "druck" put "druck_und_temperatur"

    Enable/Disable running lights
    Set the DAYDRIVING_LIGHT parameter to "active"
    To turn on the rear running lights, also in the BDC_BODY block set the Feature_4 parameter to "aktiv"

    Display tire temperature if the sensors are already turned on and show only pressure:
    HU_NBT - 3001 - RDC_DRUCK_TEMP instead of "druck" put "druck_und_temperatur"

    Sound signal when opening and closing the machine
    NBT=3000=Acoustical_lock_confirm - activ

    Automatic activation of heated seats and steering wheel when it gets cold
    MGU/ENTRYNAV2 set the AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FRONT parameter to heizung
    AKT_AUTO_LENKRADHEIZUNG to aktiv value.
    BDC in CAFD 7083 -> LHZ_CCM_IKF - aktiv, parameter IKF_ENABLE - IKF_ALLE_SITZE

    Zoom rear view camera (towbar mode).


    Display album covers large on CIC (as in new typewriters):

    Activation in the control menu in the form of a Logic 7 adjustment slider
    HU_CIC 3000 HMI L7_SURROUND_CONFIG aktiv/Werte=01

    Enable display of "sports indicators" (power + torque):
    HU_CIC > 3000 HMI > EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID = aktiv (1)
    KOMBI > 3008 PIA_Einheiten > DREHMOMENT = Nm (1)
    KOMBI > 3008 PIA_Einheiten > LEISTUNG = PS (2) or kW (1)

    Dashboard [KOMBI]

    Selection of covers for LED tidy:
    KOMBI -> GLOBAL_LAYOUT_VARIANTE select from the list M / Alpina or regular

    Welcome screen on the dashboard

    Continuous speedometer illumination
    Block: KOMBI

    Speed display in the on-board computer
    Block: KOMBI
    aktiv / nicht_aktiv

    Disabling the seat belt icon on the LED dashboard:
    KOMBI4 block, set the FOND_GURTSTATUS_ENABLE parameter to inaktiv

    Large digital speed at the bottom of the basic tidy:
    KOMBI block parameter DIGIT_GESCHW_BEHOERDE_ENABLE is set to "active"

    Constant digital speed (located differently depending on the device)
    KOMBI block parameter DIGIT_GESCHW _ENABLE set to anzeige_kmh

    M logo in sport on the basic tidy (in all modes on the LED tidy):
    KOMBI block, set the LOGO_SCHRIFTZUG parameter to "msp_logo"

    Change the color of the tidy in sport mode to gray (on semi-ice tidy):
    KOMBI block Set the MPA_MSP_VIEW_ENABLE parameter to grau_weiss

    Selecting covers for the LED tidy:
    KOMBI block, select the GLOBAL_LAYOUT_VARIANTE parameter from the list M / Alpina or regular

    In the dashboard, the font is M and the scale is up to 260/330 km per hour
    Block KOMBI4, the parameter AG_MPA_MSP_VIEW is set to "mpa_ansicht_260_skala" for the speedometer at 260 km/h and "mpa_ansicht_330_skala" for the speedometer 330 km/h

    The length of the fuel flow meter scale is 15/20/30 l per 100 km
    KOMBI block parameter HMI_SVA_SKALA, default 20l/100km, can be made 15 or 30 (for semi-ice tidy, on full LED does not work)</p >

    Increasing the digital speed update frequency:
    KOMBI block parameter DIGIT_GESCHW_UPDATERATE is set to 2 instead of 5 (the number is multiplied by 100 ms, accordingly the update frequency will become 2.5 times faster.

    Lane Change Assist:
    BDC_BODY block (CAFD_00007083) SPURWECHSEL_ASSISTENT parameter set to “aktiv”
    HU_MGU block SPURWECHSELASSISTENT parameter set to “gen_1”
    SAS2 block C_SWA_VORHANDEN parameter set in „NR001_VORHANDEN“

    Block [BDC_BODY]

    Changing the colors of the interior lighting is done by replacing the existing ones. The color is specified in HEX format, each color consists of three parameters. Take the parameters of the new colors here: colorscheme.ru/html-colors.html
    open CAFD with the name 51DD. The colors change in section 360A parameter LIC_LCI_COLOR_LIBRARY_DATA, in a long line with a bunch of parameters we look for the following numbers corresponding to the colors:
    90, E0,90 - white
    D7, 6E, 14 - bronze
    93, 1A, 01 - orange
    00, 20, FE - blue
    10, FE, 32 - green
    78, 3C, FE - falet

    Each color appears three times - these are the layers of lighting for the ceiling, central and legs. Replacing each color
    You can also “mix” the resulting colors with each other in the salon (like standard mixes with white) in the 360D section parameter LIC_LCI_COLOR_PROFILES_DATA. Here, each color, no matter whether you replaced it or not, is assigned a serial number:
    00 weiss
    01 bronze
    02 orange and so on. The data in LIC_LCI_COLOR_PROFILES_DATA looks like this:
    01, 01, 01, 00, 02, 02, 02, 00, 00, 00, 03, 03, 03, 00, 04, 04, 04, 00, 05, 05, 05, 00
    Which respectively shines in the interior as bronze-bronze, bronze-white, orange-orange, orange-white and so on. If you change the combination you can get new colors.

    Disable the double signal when closing the machine while the engine is running:
    BDC_BODY\3040 VaMaster\VAM_HORN_AT_SECURE set the value to 0.

    Coding of the Sport Plus / Sport Plus mode
    BDC_BODY block Parameter FesSportWorldMode1 set to "Sportplus"
    and also in NBT/MGU parameter Fes_Sport_Expert set to "active"

    Coding of the Comfort Plus mode:
    BDC_BODY block Parameter FesComfortWorldMod1 set to "comfortplus"
    and also in NBT/MGU parameter FES_COMFORT_PLUS set to "active"

    Coding of the Eco Pro Plus / ECO Pro Plus mode:
    BDC_BODY block Parameter FesEcoWorldMode1 set to "ecoproplus"
    and also in NBT/MGU parameter FES_ECO_PLUS set to "active"

    Changing the standard mode when starting the engine
    Block BDC_BODY parameter FesPiaDefaultLastUserMode is set to
    01 - Sport Mode
    02 - Sport Plus Mode
    03 - Sport Individual
    04 - Comfort Mode (default)
    05 - Comfort Plus Mode
    06 - Comfort Individual
    0A - Adaptive
    07 - EcoPro Mode
    08 - EcoPro Plus Mode
    09 – EcoPro Individual

    Tilt angle of the right mirror when reversing
    90 degrees value 5A (default)
    80 degrees value 50
    70 degrees value 46
    59 degrees value 3B

    PTF in stroboscope mode (turned off when the high beam is turned on)
    Set the NSW_AUS_BEI_FL parameter to "active"

    Sensitivity of the mirror dimming sensor, if there is tinting
    ISP_HECKSCHEIBE – dunkel
    First, if there is tinting of the rear window, set it as already written
    This will change the sensitivity of the sensor , and then, in fact, the chromatization parameters for channels 00 - inward, 01 - external.

    Turn off all lights in switch position “0”
    ECU BDC_01/ firstCAFD(17BD)/FLC_AKTIV – Werte=01
    So that the shutdown checkbox appears in NBT
    HU_NBT_EVO/DAYDRIVING_LICHT – standart(werte =02)

    Automatic activation of seat heating/ventilation - opens control in the climate comfort menu:
    Front seats:
    HU_NBT_EVO / 3000 HMI / AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FRONT - heizung or kuehlung or heizung_kuehlung (heating, ventilation, both)
    Rear seats:
    HU_NBT_EVO / 3000 HMI / AKT_AUTO_SITZE_FOND - heizung or kuehlung or heizung_kuehlung (heating, ventilation, both)
    set the LHZ_CCM_IKF parameter to aktiv, the IKF_ENABLE parameter to IKF_ALLE_SITZE< /p>

    Closing the door power windows without holding the button when the door is open.
    In the BDC block in CAFD 44ED, set the FH_TUERAUF_STOP_MAUT parameter to nicht_aktiv.

    Turn on the door handle illumination when driving in reverse:
    BDC Body -> 3070 -> OVT_BEI_REUCKFAHRLICHT -> active

    xDive menu
    X_VIEW_GRAPHIC_ROLL =>trajectory1

    Turning on the air conditioner from the key:
    BDC Body Module -> 30D0 -> RC_DEFAULT_IDG_4TH_BUTTON_LONG -> 07

    Allow saving video from a flash drive to disk:
    HU_NBT -> 3000 -> ENT_MC_VIDEO_SUPPORT -> active

    Activation of the M-logo on the G-series smart key.

    BDC - RCI_LOGO_SELECT set MPA parameter.
    Next, reboot the smart key by pressing the power button, holding it until it turns off, then turn it on again.

    Head-Up Display (HUD) - Head-Up Display

    In the iDrive Menu, after changing all 3 lines below, the M-HUD selection will appear
    Block: CAPPL
    Block: HUD
    aktiv = Automatik
    aktiv_handschalter = manual switching

    Activation of direction indicators in HUD
    Block: HUD

    Block [HRFM]

    Closing the trunk without delay
    Parameter HKL_ROCKERSWITCHPOS2_DELAY_CLOSE set to 00, 00

    Opening/closing the trunk with comfort opening
    Opening/closing the trunk = long press the open or close button on the key
    Block: HKL
    Close the trunk with 1 press of the key:
    Close the trunk through the button at the driver’s feet:
    aktiv</ p>

    Smooth closing of the trunk with electric drive using the example of the BMW X5 E70 and F15. After changing the factory settings, the tailgate slows down just before closing and is quietly pressed by the closer, rather than slamming with a metallic clang.

    Replace factory values Custom value: 36,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40


    Activation of S5ATA Driving Assistant Plus (Traffic Jam Assist).

    If all components are present, the Assistant may not turn on in some regions (deactivated). The dashboard displays a warning that the function is only available on highways - Assist. movement in traffic jams only for the master's degree.

    With this function, the car maintains a distance from the car in front, brakes, accelerates, and also steers itself, if there are clear road markings and the car in front (provided that the active steering option is not installed on the car).< /p>

    1. In the KAFAS block, change parameter 3020/ROAD_EDGE_WARNING_ENABLED to the value DETECTION_FOR_GRASS_EDGE_AND_CURB_STONE  - Detection of roadsides and curbs

    2. In the ICM block, further 3000 change the parameter C_STA_EINSCHRAENKUNG to the value KEINE EINSCHRAENKUNG  - No restrictions, Polygon mode.

    3. Changing the assistant's operation to the maximum speed from 60 km/h to 99. In the ICM block, then 3000 change the parameter C_QalcRel_v_Tacho_aktiv_kmh, then Werte - Custom Volume to the value 63 in hexadecimal. If it is impossible to set 63 (the ok button is inactive), the software in the car has been updated and this option has been closed by the manufacturer. The value is then set to 3C, which corresponds to 60 km/h.

    After successful coding and activation of the function, the following message appears on the dashboard: Ass. driving in traffic jams at speed. up to 99 km/h or 60 km/h.

    KAFAS2 > 3100 > TRAFFIC_JAM_T_MIN - time the system turns off after your hands stop touching the steering wheel (default decimal value 00, 59)
    KAFAS2 > 3100 > TRAFFIC_JAM_V_STAU - (has a default decimal value of 60)

    Lane Departure Warning Threshold Settings

    Light unit [FRM] Footwell Light Control Module - Footwell lighting control module

    FRM → DRL_MODUS → drl_s (DRL operation options):
    drl_s – for the USA, front and rear
    tfl_s – for Europe, front and rear
    drl_s_ohne_sl – only in front of the DRL for the USA
    tfl_s_ohne_sl – only in front of DRL for Europe

    Disable interruption of window closing when door opens
    FRM > 3030 FRM_FH_PARAMETER > FH_TUER_AUF_STOP_MAUT = nicht_aktiv

    Activation of adaptive cornering light with fog lights
    Works only in AUTO mode at night (does not work on all cars).
    FRM → Lamp_map_para_satz_01 → BV_F025_WERT02_Corneringlight-UBER-NSW
    FRM → Lamp_map_para_satz_02 → BV_F025_WERT02_Corneringlight-UBER-NSW
    FRM → ALC_AFS_ENABLE → aktiv
    FRM → U_EFF_CL → FF – for LED
    FRM → U_EFF_CL → wert_07__13.0V = 82 – for halogen</ p>

    Changing interior lighting colors for the G-series.

    360D, LIC_LCI_COLOR_PROFILES_DATA for color combination
    00 weiss
    01 bronze
    02 orange
    blah blah

    this is a combination of colors.

    00 : white
    01: bronze
    02 : orange
    03 : blue
    04 : green
    05 : purple

    Options in MGU

    1. bronze / bronze 01, 01
    2. bronze/white 01, 00
    3. orange / orange 02, 02

    For example, in ColorLibraryData in 360A, you can change the values 90, E0, 90 to FF, 00, 00, and this will change all white to a new red color.

    Hexadecimal color codes in 360A>LIC_LCI_COLOR_LIBRARY_DATA have 6 colors that iDrive has (white, bronze, orange, blue, green and lilac). Here are the following hex codes you need to find and you can change them to any custom color you want... this will change the actual light color but will not change the name in iDrive.

    — 90, E0.90 — WHITE
    — D7.6E, 14 — BRONZE
    — 93.1A, 01 — ORANGE
    — 00.20FE — BLUE
    — 10, FE, 32 — GREEN
    — 78.3C, IP — LILAC

    You can then go to 360D and change the values there to mix and match the trim color and the bottom colors.

    Unfortunately, when you change the base color to a custom color, the reading lights above remain the same color as the selected iDrive color.

    Coding values for activating the traffic sign recognition function (simulating option S8THA) after installing the module SLI KAFAS (Speed Limit Info).

    To activate, you need to change the encoding values in Expert Mode:

    Headunit block (HU_NBT) - 3001 EXBOX - Speedlimit_Info - active
    Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3008 PIA_Einheiten - KI_PIA_Speed_Limit - active
    Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3008 PIA_Einheiten - HUD_PIA_Speed_Lim - active< br />Instrument Cluster block (KOMBI) - 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration - SPEED LIMIT GENERATION - sli_gen2_npi

    ASD Active Sound Design

    engine sound through speakers (528 from 2014, 535,550)

    SM Block

    Comfortable entry into the cabin (the seat moves back)






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