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    D1S Xenon lamp 4300K ​​35W with 15% increased brightness

    Price: 30.00 EUR
    Xenon lamps:

    D1S 4300K ​​- xenon lamps with 15% increased brightness compared to original Osram or Philips lamps for replacing burnt-out lamps in cars with factory xenon. Cost 30 EUR/piece or 50 EUR for a set of 2 pieces.

    We recommend installing xenon lamps with a color temperature of 4300K ​​(Kelvin). Main arguments:

    - all European manufacturers equip their cars with lamps of only this color temperature at the factory

    - in many European countries the use of lamps with a color temperature above 5000K is prohibited

    - a temperature of 4300K ​​corresponds to the brightness of the morning pre-noon sun, and 5000K is the maximum brightness of the sun in the summer at noon, when the real color of objects is distorted, which in turn leads to tension in the brain when assessing the dynamic situation around.

    - the human brain most comfortably perceives objects illuminated at night with 4300K ​​light, as in daylight, that is, the grass on the side of the road is green, the old asphalt is gray, the new one is black. Other lamp temperatures do not convey the real color of objects, which causes stress on the brain, resulting in discomfort and further fatigue.

    - light intensity, brightness, measured in Lumens, has the highest lamp value when using a color temperature of 4300K.

    For comparison, correspondence to the color temperature of brightness:

    Halogen lamps standard power 55W

    3000K ~ 1500 Lumens (yellow)

    Xenon lamps standard power 35W

    4300K ​​~ 3200 Lumens (warm white)

    5000K ~ 3000 Lumens (cool white)

    6000K ~ 2400 lm (white with a blue tint)

    7000K ~ 1800 Lumens (blue color)

    8000K ~ 1500 Lumens (blue-blue color)

    That is, the brightness of xenon lamps is twice or 100% higher than halogen lamps, and power consumption is 26% lower.

    There is an opinion that the heating temperature of headlights with xenon lamps is several times lower than with halogen lamps. Based on this opinion, it is believed that the reflectors of factory xenon optics are less susceptible to fading and shedding than optics designed for the use of halogen lamps. This opinion is not true. Reflectors of both xenon and halogen optics burn out as a result of long-term use. The difference in heating of the optics when using xenon and halogen lamps is insignificant. The burning temperature of a 55 Watt halogen lamp filament in close proximity is about 410°C, and a xenon arc is 390°C, that is, the difference is only 5%.

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